Monday, August 29, 2011

Rodcast 71: Crispus/Gaius

Rhett and Alexis were actually in studio for once so we talked longer than usual. About, what I really have no idea. Well, there were some Corinthians, and body temple stuff, and Diana, and Diane, and mission age and Mormon celebrities. The usual.

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  1. When I received my Sunday School teaching calling, it was by phone. On Labor Day. 2 years ago. I was in Alexandria, Virginia visiting a DC friend. Yeah. Best ever.

    I agree about the destination wedding thing. It's kind of ridiculous. Give me Manti or Oquirrh Mountain any day over San Diego or wherever.

    I think some of Paul's problem with the Galatians might have had to do with reputation, too. Others seeing them being loosey-goosey with these new rules wouldn't impress the nonbelievers much, would it? Kind of like Alma's son who went after the harlot and made other people not believe what Alma was teaching. It doesn't look good and it doesn't help the leader's rep...Paul's, in this case.

    I love Vitamin Water, by the way. I got addicted to it at the beginning of the summer when my roommate and I started getting it to bring on hikes. It's also usually 10/$10 at Smith's, which helps...

    You can kill the Spirit in your mind and heart. You can choose to care more about what is convenient, comfortable, carnal, etc. rather than what the Lord would have you believe. I think that's what brings people to humanism and its ilk over religion. It is an exercise of agency over time...if you choose over and over again to ignore spiritual things, you will desensitize yourself to them and becomes your 'truth'.

    Line of Peter's that should be lifted from this Rodcast? The one about how maybe we shouldn't get married (in reference to Paul).