Friday, August 5, 2011

Rodcast 67: Silly Rhett, Ricks is for Kids!

Someone did not want this week's Rodcast to be published. We were busy at the beginning of the week and waited for the middle of the week (also so Rhett could call in). The recording recorded slow for some reason, meaning I had to do all sorts of audio trickery to get it up to speed (literally). Also, there was an audio filter on the recording that made us sound like we're in a cathedral. You'll here some heavy duty spacey echoes. Aaaand... for some reason the audio recording stops a few minutes before we actually finished (although I don't recall what we spoke of at the end there). So it does abruptly end. Sorry. Keep that in mind when you listen.

Plenty of pluses though. Rhett eventually called in. The lovely Keira was able to join us and weigh in on all the topics including the first few acts of the original apostles, some freaky weird stuff involving gift of the tongues, some further insight on Peter as denier, Rhett's rant on genealogy and especially Rhett's rant on Rick's College. I tell ya, if Rhett's ever been good at anything, it's making good girls angry.

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  1. Only three women are mentioned by name in the BoM. Abish is one of them. Not bad, eh? And I think the speaking in tongues thing might have been important because it was so unusual. It was a definite attention-getter...a unique type of missionary opportunity, I'd say.

    It was fun listening to Peter and Keira flirt and flatter each other...

    There's a deep laugh by Peter just past halfway through the program. It was amplified by the "cathedral effect"...that's the snippet to save from this episode.

    Rhett: You do research on FamilySearch. You submit names and keep your pedigree chart, etc. on NewFamilySearch (basically). NFS has cut down on duplication considerably by enabling people to match up names in their ancestry with duplicates in the Church's system with much greater ease, enabling them to link up lines with those already researched and eliminate the 'extras', thus furthering the chance of ending up with one family line with all the many extensions.

    You do start with yourself when you build a chart on NewFamilySearch. You search the names you know to see if their work has been done, and if it has, you use it to add to your chart. If you tried it and had someone with you who knows their way around the site, you would most likely get it. Just because you haven't had it explained to you in the simple terms you apparently expect does not lessen the meaningfulness of the work or the quality of the programs the Church has to get it done. Don't sit back and criticize. Find someone the right person to help you and try it.

    They changed the name of Ricks because they started awarding 4-year degrees instead of only Associate's degrees, and it made sense to make it a campus of BYU, since that is the Church's 4-year school.

    It was a great discussion you were having about BYU-I. So sorry it had to end so abruptly.