Monday, August 22, 2011

Rodcast 70: Volunteers

Before I forget, the movie with Geordi LaForge is obviously not a documentary, but an actual feature. I think it was a made for TV movie. Ned Beatty was in it too, I believe.

So Paul's still at it in Acts! Good for him. He's a big fat dynamo.

Second topic is regarding the importance and difference between an assignment and volunteering.

Download here!

Oh, and here's my ancestral fan chart if anyone's interested:

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  1. Nice fan chart. Is that a Mormon old person pickup line?

    So...I'm now your intern? My all-time favorite Pete quote was: "It's all your fault, God." I don't remember which Rodcast that was in, but it was pure gold. And the crooning.

    I remember the Mr. Hooper episode of "Sesame Street"...that one made me laugh out loud (LOL).

    I read a George Durrant quote once about how, for General Conference sessions, he puts on his best suit and sits in the hardest chair he can find. Kinda prevents napping, I'd imagine.

    Mark is the second gospel, not the third. That's Luke.

    In my Sunday School classes, there were rarely more than 3-4 people in the room when I started class. I asked for volunteers because the numbers were so few at the beginning and so many by the end. If it's anyone's fault it happened that way, it's the fault of the lazy dawdlers who didn't hop-to after first hour.

    And it's not "ray-on-oh"'s "ra-yeh-no".