Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rodcast 78: Philemon


Remember kids: send in your second topic request (now more important than ever!) and assign a beatitude to yourself (and tell us which one!).

Download here!


  1. Jon seemed kind of wound up this week ("File-man!").

    I was totally unfamiliar with Philemon (including the correct pronunciation of his name) before listening to this podcast. Interesting story, and insights from Peter. "Living and letting live", by the way, Jon...

    I gave a talk in church awhile back on meekness, and recommend you recommend Neal A. Maxwell's talk "Meekness" to him. Might do some good in disabusing him of the idea it is a negative characteristic.

    Favorite quote: "Is Jon depressed right now? Maybe I should go up and give him a hug." (about 3/4 of the way through)

    Peter: the Beatitude project is a bad idea. I'm boycotting. Just let people ponder for themselves how they can need to write to them to talk about what they need to change and why and all that.

    Second topic ideas, though?

    Why do Mormons pray over food that is bad for them ( cream, cookies, cupcakes, etc.)? And why is "nourish and strengthen" the phrase of choice?

    Why do Mormons love Halloween so much? (Was this covered last year?)

    Why does the Church allow illegal immigrants to be baptized, hold callings (including leadership)? What about the 12th Article of Faith? (I'm not taking a side about this...I'm just posing the questions)

    Those should last you a few weeks.


  2. If you have to replace Rhett, you should find a James. But having Rhett call in isn't too bad. Maybe something could be worked up to make him sound better from a remote location....

    Somehow my Sunday School is a week behind Pete's so I get a chance to prepare for class.

    Is there anything I can do to help Jon make it to church?

    My mind wanders during Sacrament meeting and I come up with some great second topics, but I always forget when I get home. I'll take notes from here on out.

    I like the idea of picking a topic to discuss next week. Then you can think your ideas over a while.

    Suggestions off the top of my head:

    How to improve Home Teaching visits.

    Watching TV on Sundays, as well as appropriate Sunday activities.

    What are truly humble people like when you meet one on the street.

    Pete should write more blog posts for the Beatitudes, but shouldn't worry about calling people out. Although it might be fun to call out Jon.

    Also, the Bible dictionary has a great entry about Dispensations. There are probably a lot more than the seven you have in your poll.

  3. One more second topic idea:

    Why don't leaders wear beards anymore? They were popular with Bro. Brigham.

  4. I'm pretty sure you guys touched on this a bit ago but the topic of Evolution is one I'm interested in (I'm a Biology major). Also, does it seem that some people in Fast and Testimony meeting simply to up to tell jokes and just throw something spiritual in with their testimony at the end? Should we do anything about this?

    As for the Beatitudes, I definitely don't hunger and thirst after righteousness like I should. I also could work on being merciful. Take your pick, Pete. :)

  5. A couple more ideas:

    The potentially offensive doctrine, that the Church is the only true and living church upon the face of the earth.

    Testimony meetings always have the best sermons.

    What is wrong with singing "Give Said the little stream, and "Popcorn Popping" in Primary. (They don't sing these songs much anymore)