Monday, December 12, 2011

Rodcast 84: Jon's Big Day

My grand re-entrance into activity all happened on Sunday!

Also: hot Revelation action!

Also: to pray or not to pray... too much?

Also: poll results!

Download here!

Next week: hot beard action!


  1. Maybe I should introduce myself to you guys sometime. After all we never actually met. I'm fascinated by this podcasting medium and I have lots of ideas for making my own podcast, but I still need some technical help. The best podcasts are like yours. Where the hosts just have a conversation and share their opinions and stories and such. That is great content.

    Anyhow, I stopped going to the single's ward this past summer. (I'm still single too) It's been great to be in a regular ward after so many years at the institute. I recently got a calling in my new ward too.

    It sounds like you have a lot of people who want to talk about evolution. I have some ideas about the humble person topic, and Christmas on Sunday.

    PS: A Christmas poll idea: Which text is better. "Saints and Angels" or "Heaven and Nature"

  2. Pete, you can call me "Vitamin E" if I can call you "Pete-Diddy."

    The first Sunday in January sounds good. I don't see a spirited, hateful argument happening but we'll see what we can do.

    Like Jon, I don't remember squat from primary either. Even the phrase "Sharing Time" felt like a blast from the past. Side note: Don't let the polygamists know about Once There Was A Snowman. Popcorn Popping is one thing, but the sanctity of OTWAS must be protected.

    As for beards, I'm all for them as long as the the person can grow a proper one. Not all beards are created equally. If the beard is too wispy or uneven or just looks bad, shave it.

  3. Sound clip to get "I wasn't judging at all" about 29 minutes

  4. Possible side-topic for this week: Is it still ok to say "Merry Christmas" to people if we don't know their religion or should we be saying "Happy Holidays" just to be safe?

  5. Wm. = William. Promise.

    Maybe the gospel writer symbol thing has something to do with the Catholic Church. I remember learning those symbols in Religion/Theology class back in the day...and I've seen them portrayed in church art with their symbols near them in the picture. Check out: Love the rosary at the top of this page, btw...

    The Children's music book in the Church is the Children's SONGBOOK, not Hymnbook. They are songs, not hymns.

    Like I mentioned before, the first few weeks I taught SS, we had opening hymn and prayer. After that, I realized it wasn't critical to have the hymn, but the opening prayer...yes...important. Invites the Spirit to start with and thanks the Lord for the experience at the end. The ward I was in at the time had sacrament last, so the closing prayer was also a time to request the Spirit remain with the class members as they departed to the final meeting.

    And yes, I know what you were talking about with the HTML. Underestimation there, Peter.

    I was kind of amazed at all the different situations you discussed as to whether or not to pray/sing for. One of the best-thought-out 2nd topic convos in quite awhile.

    "Are your prayers more awkward before sex or after sex?" That's also one of the more awesome quotes in a long time. Probably 3-4 minutes from the end. Worth waiting for (both the quote and the, uh, context). I laughed and laughed.

    I HATE BEARDS! (There's my comment...and that goes for both types)


  6. I love and totally agree with the idea of leaving open prayer brackets in meetings.

    Wm's real name is William and Theric's real name is Eric. I have heard Theric's story about why he chase to start going by Theric - something to do with Eric being too common of a name in school. Maybe Wm chose his nickname just because it looks cool. I'll send you their contact info. Thanks for getting those books. I can't wait to hear what you think. Even if you dislike them.

    There was a call for entries on Monsters and Mormons and a lot of people submitted stories.

    On my mission we prayed before all discussions and it was a big thing because people always got us confused with the Jehova's Witnesses - who would refuse to pray with people in their houses. So yeah, people really appreciated us praying with them as much as possible.

    I think we should not sing hymns on HT visits because you are sitting 5 feet away from each other and looking right at eachother, so singing to them would feel too awkward.