Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rodcast 85: Beards

Neither of us had Sunday school and our second topic was beards. Still think we can talk for 45 minutes?

Download here!

Send in the needed poll questions.

Also, remember next week we're talking about Christmas on Sunday. The week after that is resolutions and the week after that will be our big evolution conversation (in which we will have no idea what we're talking about). If you have anything to say on any of that stuff, drop a line.


  1. I offer my warmest Christmas regards for Pete-diddy. Enjoy your movie at home alone.

    It might be fun to go over the resolutions you made at the beginning of twenty-eleven next Rodcast. I would be interested in hearing your improvements.

    I think the reason we don't see beards in the church anymore is simply the invention of the electric razor. It is more convenient to shave daily nowadays. I do appreciate a full beard, unfortunately I can't grow a full beard.

  2. Either January 1st or 8th should work. My ward is just doing sacrament meeting on January 1st so I won't have any sunday school or priesthood to talk about. If both of your wards are doing the same thing than I think we could get both resolutions and evolution in the same rodcast. I think you guys are too worried about studying up on evolution, there won't be a test or anything ya know. We'll keep the discussion pretty general and non-technical if that's your concern. I also have another topic I want to ask you guys your opinions on but I'll bring that up when I'm there.

    If Wm. means William and we're counting Jn. as Jon, can we count En. as Ethan?

    Pete-diddy, I don't know html at all so if we had a conversation about code than it was a short one. I guess it's a good thing that I look like I would know code though.

    Merry Christmas!

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  4. Sorry I haven't gotten around to listening until today. Being home for 12 days and my dramatic-ish journey back to SL kind of put me in a playing catch-up situation with lots of things and people, and now I'm getting the Rodcast taken care of. :)

    By the way, "heaven and nature" is the only true 'Joy to the World' text. W.W. Phelps should have stayed away from that one. It's one of the things I hate most about Church music...the changes he made to that hymn.

    Pd. should = Pete-diddy...also "paid"...

    I once had a sealer in the SL Temple tell me that Elder Bednar told him that he wouldn't be surprised to be one of the prophets dead in the streets of Jerusalem, as cited toward the end of Revelation. No joke.

    The Germans/Jews comment was about 18-20 or so minutes in. Awesome.

    The last Church president with significant facial hair, I think, was Heber J. Grant. I'm thinking that George Albert Smith ushered in the new generation. Praised be his name for doing so, if true.

    Jon: Do you still wear the suit on F&T Sunday? Just curious.

    I would prefer white shirt and sweater over colored shirt and tie. Easily. The fact he's wearing a white shirt is what matters. Maybe it's because I'm a symbolism junkie. I just really like the white shirt thing. I agree with Jon about the facial hair thing, too. I have never liked facial hair on guys, but I would rather have a guy with a beard and a white shirt than a clean-shaven guy with a colored shirt.

    Did you hear about the Amish beard-cuttings in Ohio? People got arrested...Google it. And yes, I think, that married Amish men are directed to grow beards, like Orthodox Jewish men.

    Love the pic from "Cheers", btw.

    I do think that the reason behind brethren in the temple and in Church leadership being required to be clean-shaven has to do with the 'neat and comely' concept among the true followers of Christ, as cited in the BoM. It is just easier to be black-and-white about it instead of trying to enforce it on a case-by-case basis by allowing beards. Not all men can grow them...maintain just easier to make the rule what it is.

    I hate the hipster uniform too, Jon, and also like the suggestion of writing in Pd.'s beard. We're agreeing along this episode...

    "Merry Christmas" is a big deal to me. It is an acknowledged cultural date. Whether the person you say it to believes in the story behind it or not, to me, is immaterial. Say it. Don't be afraid or ashamed or whatever. How the other person takes it is their problem. On my flights back to PA to be home for the holidays (Christmas + New Years), the flight attendants wished us a "happy holiday". Singular...not 'happy holidays'. That was ridiculous to me. Call it what it is if you're going to make it a singular instead of a plural. Ugh.

    One of my Christmas gifts, btw, was a cross on a chain. My dad and his wife seriously have no idea about LDS culture.