Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rodcast 88: Evolved

The long-awaited Rodcast on evolution is finally here! We had Matsby this week as well as long-time contributor Ethan (En.). Oh, also we cracked open The Book of Mormon for Sunday school for the first time in Rodcast history. Nephi killed a guy.

Download here!

If you're interested, here's the link to the evolution poll at By Common Consent.


  1. I realize I told you guys wrong about the aphrodisiac: It was cucumber and Good & Plenty, not Mike N Ikes. Sorry if anyone bought a case of Mike N' Ikes after my comments.

  2. Did Jn say neato at the beginning? That might be something to clip. Also anytime Pd says Vitamin E needs to be clipped.

    I'm with Pd about how Adam was formed. Somehow God made Adam and he was placed in the Garden.

    If Pd takes requests could he sing my favorite hymn, 'School Thy Feelings?'

  3. So about the killing business. If God tells you to kill a dude, you should be willing to do it - like Nephi was. Sure he didn't want to, but he did it. What if you say to yourself "I am willing to kill for God" before hand? That's a good thing too, right? "I want to serve the Lord." (good?) "I want to do his will." (good) "I want to kill for the Lord if needs be." (good?) That last one should be just as good of a thing to think and feel as the first two.

    There's a Low song (remember the guy who writes and sings the song is Mormon), called "Murderer" that is him talking to God saying he is willing to kill for the Lord...

    "One more thing before I go/ One more thing I’ll ask you Lord
    You may need a murderer/ Someone to do your dirty work
    Don’t act so innocent/ I’ve seen you pound your fist into the earth
    And I’ve read your books/ It seems that you could use another fool
    Well I’m cruel/ And I look right through
    You must have more important things to do/ So if you need a murderer/Someone to do your dirty work"

    I have a DVD documentary about Low where he explains that song and he says he is willing to kill for God. And it sounds kind of crazy, but it also sounds legit when you think about God and the scriptures. God does kill people off and he does get people to do that for him (he could have given the king a heart attack if he wanted to, but he chose to use Nephi). So if you want to be a tool in the Lord's hands... You know what I mean?

    I would rather kill a person for the Lord than be a ward mission leader or young mens leader for the Lord.

  4. "The Lord loveth a cheerful giver, but also accepteth from a grouch." That's my impression on the blessings due Laman and Lemuel. There are blessings for those who give without having good in their heart, but there are greater blessings for those who give and want to do so.

    I agree with Pd. on God having a direct role in the creation of man. Whether it was on this earth or elsewhere...I think it was direct. I can see Jn.'s theory, though, about evolution being suspended when Garden of Eden time came. That makes inclusion of dinosaurs easier than thinking they existed in Eden. Again, though, I remember Brother Anderson sharing the quote Pd. shared from Marion G. Romney (which tends to back up the idea that evolution did not involve Adam). Fact is, this isn't in the temple recommend interview, though, so it is not required we believe one way or the other. It isn't critical to our salvation...not that any of you thought it was...

    It is true, though, that the rhetoric against evolution probably does play upon a person's religious sensibilities too much...perhaps to the point where those who try to balance science and religion are looked upon by the creation purists as Godless or sellouts.

    Lack of revealed information...lack of clarity...on so many topics is a trial for human beings. This is one of those. To me, the understanding we are to get out of the fact that it hasn't been made clear is that we either aren't ready for the information or it isn't critical and those who get so hung up on it need to shift their priorities. I tend to believe the latter. This is more stumbling block than anything else, if you ask me.

    Having gone to Catholic schools the first 14 years of my education, I can tell you that we were not taught either side as dogma. We were encouraged to allow for God to have had a role in the process, but it wasn't taught that absolutely God was involved with no possibility of it being pure science. I liked that format...true to the religious roots of the school, but leaving it open for each student to draw what conclusion they will. This is Catholic school, though. I agree that public schools shouldn't touch the God idea beyond maybe a brief mention at some point. Even if you don't believe in evolution personally, your responsibility has more to do with what you tell your kids at home rather than trying to make any waves in the curriculum of your school district. Your personal beliefs should not be foisted upon hundreds or thousands of kids beyond your own. It isn't up to the school to provide equal time to a religious/spiritual concept. That is your job as a parent with a stand to take about opening your children's minds to religious/spiritual ideas.

    The 'whities/coloreds' comment came about 3/4 of the way through the program. I had to stop and start this one a bunch of times, so I don't have an estimate of how far in it was, minutewise. Good one, though.

    I would say that if you show up while the sacrament is still being passed...even if you only make it for the water to be coming around, you are entitled to receive the bread too. If you show up after everything has been passed around and returned to the table, you are SOL and need to show up on time from then on. I've seen it happen where the bread gets taken off the table and served again after it's been placed there and the water is going around...I see no problem with that...but once the ordinance has been completed for all present to receive it, it is done for that week.

    Jn.’s “dammit” at the end =awesome.


  5. I enjoyed the podcast guys! (and I'm not just saying that because I'm Ethan's mom and I'm super proud of him) I am so impressed that you get together to discuss Sunday School and the gospel and go to the trouble to record it and "put it out there". Your discussion was interesting, thought provoking and funny and I appreciated that you included General Authority quotes and scripture references.

    About Nephi killing Laban. Nephi clearly is familiar with how the Spirit speaks to him (something I struggle with at times) because he did not want to kill Laban but he was obedient. It was merciful of the Lord to explain why, better that one should die than a nation dwindle. I'm sure Nephi would have been obedient without the explanation, as he was many times and we should be as well, but it couldn't have been an easy thing to do.

    My problem with those who advocate evolution as the only answer is that they put forth their conclusions as indisputable fact. There have been so many discoveries and mysteries revealed in my lifetime that it seems like the more we learn about our world, our universe and our existence the less we really know.

    Anyway, thanks and keep up the good work.