Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rodcast 86: Sunday Christmas

Listen to this one. We were honored to have my personal nemesis Joey Smith with us to have a very lovely talk about how we don't suffer enough during Christmas.

Download here!

Send in your resolutions!

Send in your thoughts and research about evolution!


  1. My resolutions for 2012:
    1) not be on Facebook every day. Every other or every third, probably. 2) buy a Blendtec and start making my own food & green smoothies. 3) hopefully go on a humanitarian service trip to Guatemala with SHe in late July/early August. 4) try at least one new restaurant each month. 5) get married. (haha)

    I'm not big on evolution. When I went through the temple, I started believing the endowment story to be real and true and not just symbolic. Since then, though, I've thought that maybe it's a little naive of me to have thought that way. Whatever it is that has happened and is happening, though, I tend to believe it is divinely directed. Science, to me, cannot and does not answer everything.

    I've read "Soar With Your Strengths" and "Strengths Finder 2.0" (and taken the survey) for work. It's an interesting concept not to put forth extra effort to try and make yourself good at things that you don't have any apparent predilection to being good at. It's counterintuitive to a lot of people. However, putting your focus on finding and refining what you really are good at may be more in keeping with the idea of not putting your talents under a bushel basket. Not letting your talents suffer as you try to get better at futile endeavors may just be part of that advice.

    Pajama church when Christmas falls on Sunday would be awesome. People do it at home for Conference weekends, so why not for meetings at the ward building on a holiday like Christmas? Kids would deal with it a lot better...I'm pretty sure of that much.

    I got orange sticks from my roommate for Christmas last year. They sat around, still sealed in the box, for several months before I finally slipped them into the garbage. Icky.

    Peter and Joey sounded like they enjoyed this episode a lot more than Jon...

    The 'birthday party for Jesus' idea...I can see, if you have kids, you want to try and put things on their level, and you want to keep the focus of the holiday on Him, so you do the birthday party thing. I don't know that I would do it if I were a parent, because you don't want your kids to think He was born when he actually wasn't...or maybe make that point during the party if you're going to still do it. Interesting idea.

    I like what Joey and his wife did with their kids. The hotel thing in Midway...AWESOME. That's much more appropriate, to me, than the birthday party idea.

    Check out the Wikipedia article about myrrh. It's really interesting about how it is harvested...'wounding' the trees...symbolism ahhhh...not to mention the 'Balm of Gilead' and its use in embalming. Interesting stuff!

    Haven't heard Pd. sing in a few weeks...can we bring that back, please?

    I have no idea why there are not more Single Adult wards along the Wasatch Front. Maybe that's 2012's big change, since 2011's was the restructuring of the YSA wards and stakes. Let's hope so, though, for Pd.'s sake and that of others over 30 in this area...

    Speaking of lingerie shops...check out the Husband and Wife stores here in Utah. What a concept.

    I also have a lot of thoughts on this topic, but will defer to the married folks you know, since they're more qualified to discuss it.


  2. I'm so excited I get to say that I voted for loud laughter and sex!

    I don't think I've ever had orange sticks...?

    I also liked Joey's Christmas story.