Friday, January 20, 2012

Rodcast 89: Exclusivity

Before we forget, here are some of links of Matt's that we mentioned:

My Religious Blog
Axl Rose: Hungry Time Traveler
Matt's Art
... and of course The Galactus Imperative

Things we learned:
We don't read.
Our listeners wanna talk about sex.
There are many ways to laugh.
Our Twitter followers are Democrats and other infidels.

This week we hit the vision of the tree of life.

Also... something else... oh yeah that this is the only true church (sorta).

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Next week: humble personality and boats!


  1. Rhett was dead weight. Facts is facts, as they say.

    Also, I think sex is a great idea. Matsby has no idea about me. :P

    My GoogleChat also just puts people I e-mail who have GMail accounts into my chat list.

    And I don't feel terribly isolated as a Mormon Democrat. Maybe it's a result of where I live and the reality that there are quite a few MDs in my ward...mostly the younger set, since the oldsters all seem to love Mitt and the Eagle Forum.

    'Recovering Mormon' is used by people who have been in the Church and have left. Why the Twitter follower pays attention to the Rodcast may have to do with the famous Neal A. Maxwell quote about how people who leave the Church can't leave the Church alone. The interest takes on a different perspective...more cynical and mocking...and so I think the Rodcast is a comfortable thing for her because it comes from people dedicated to their Church membership, but not so serious and uptight as to be inaccessible.

    The love of God (symbolized by the Tree of Life) DOES help us to filter out the filthiness of the world and take in the good things out there. The strength and depth of the roots (our level of relationship with Deity) is critical, though, as is the quality of the soil (effort we put forth to enrich our relationship) in which the tree is planted. That's a thought I doubt I ever would have had without Pd's help, so, thanks, Pd.

    Archaically, 'strait' was defined as a 'narrow passage or area', according to So, I guess it's a 'narrow, narrow passage', eh?
    The last definition listed on the page is 'an isthmus', which is basically a narrow neck of land, so that makes for an interesting symbolism about this life and how we come from a 'wide' place in the premortal and return to a 'wide' place after this life...

    Heavenly Father is a perfect gentleman. He isn't going to force Himself into the life of a person who doesn't want to be involved with Him. We must voluntarily partake of His love...we must choose Him...if He were to force it, He would cease to be God.

    I think there are definitely churches on earth that please God but do not have the fullness of the truth. There are churches that help people to live good lives and qualify for a good state after this life. There would have to be, else billions of people would be condemned, and I don't think God is much into an idea like that.

    Pd -- I have a request for your hymn singing in an upcoming week..."O Ye Mountains High", #34. The line "thine oppressors shall die"...a favorite.

    I agree with Pd about how the concept of 'only true and living Church' being a chest-beating point of emphasis for LDS folks. I think it kind of sets the standard between the Church and the Lord...He has identified us with this high title, and now it is up to us to live up to it. We must be the true Church not just because He said so, but because we do as He would do, choose as He would choose, etc. It is not about talk at all...about making that statement over the pulpit or making it public. It is about action. It is about living out the invitation that statement be even as He is. High callings involve exceptional humility if one is to be able to fufill them.

    'Bad pride' in Spanish is 'el egoismo' is about a person's ego. The other term for pride typically used is 'el orgullo' connotation to ego or selfishness...

    Could you please go over recent comments next week, too, since you didn't this week?

    P.S. There was also a PGA Tour caddie nicknamed "Boats"...maybe break down the quality of his performance when the boat discussion happens? haha


  2. SRA always has the best comments!

    What happened to the intro/outro tunes?

    C'mon Pd, it's not that hard to learn 'School thy Feelings' check out youtube to learn the tune!

    I don't really think there is such a thing as good pride. Pride is always a sin. Father in Heaven was never proud of anything. He did say he was well pleased with His Only Beloved Son. So instead of saying good pride, it would be better expressed as, well pleased.