Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rodcast 90: Liahona

This week: Matt makes a case for the Liahona being the result of time travel! Also: a truly humble person? We can't relate. And: boats. All this plus the revelation of our new Plain English Book of Mormon! Be there!

Download here!

FYI: get your comments in quick on TV on Sunday. This was posted late and we're likely to record again tomorrow.


  1. TV on Sunday:

    If you are just watching TV for the sake of TV, or there is nothing better to do, that is bad. But getting together to enjoy the company of friends is OK. Super Bowl Sunday is good because of the fellowshipping that goes on. Getting together with others is always good. The Oscars is another time to get together and be with friends.

    One time a group of my friends got together each Sunday to watch 24, Lost, and The Office. It's interesting that we recorded the shows to watch together, because we were all busy doing various things during the week, but we got together on Sunday and visited and watched TV on Sunday. The important thing was that we enjoyed getting together, and I always felt better afterwards.

    Good friends always boost my spirit.

    PS We want more Pd singing!

  2. If it is football season, and the Steelers are playing, I will watch TV on Sunday. Otherwise, not so much/so often. I'm not dead-set opposed to it, and I don't (really) condemn those who don't differentiate their TV time between Sunday and the rest of the week. I just figure there are better uses for your time on Sunday than sitting in front of the TV (such as napping, making dinner, reading the paper, etc....the non-church stuff I usually find myself doing on Sundays). I'll have another comment once I listen to this episode, but wanted to get my thoughts in about it while there is time.

  3. I think part of the yelling at the brides thing was happening when the fight over the creation of Main Street Plaza was going on in the early 2000s. I know there was a lot of that going on when the Church was fighting to buy the segment of Main Street between North and South Temple...

    I agree with Pd about the 'killing question'. The relationship you would have to have with the Lord in order for Him to call upon you to do something so anathema to what you've thought all your life...that's an amazing degree of closeness and trust. It is going to take a VERY righteous person for such a calling to come to them.

    So Jn...did you end up having vegetarian Super Bowl food with the couple from your ward? Hmmm...

    Humility is a state of being. When a person is truly humble, it is who they are. They have such a clear sense of themselves and where they fit in in the grand scheme of things that there is no need for 'spin'...nothing forced about their words, actions, etc. They do not overstate their role in things, but they also do not understate it (exceptionally hard to do, and so exceptionally rare a quality to find these days). Humble people are believable, genuine, real. Society has a cynical impression of humility...the more you understate yourself, the more 'humble' you are. This is false. Humble people are not doormats, but because they are so authentic and believable, they are accused of false motives because they are not extreme enough to measure up to the world's messed up standards. In the economy of heaven, there is no need for going beyond the mark in order to fit some 21st century construct of a concept or principle. That perceived need belongs to this world.

    I do not think a truly humble person would announce him/herself as such. They're not concerned with how other people define them...it goes back to being so centered as to know who they really are, which really frees them to let their words and deeds define them to others, not anything they could or would say about themselves.

    Sing, Pd, sing!!


    PS The founder of Cafe Rio and his wife are currently serving as mission presidents. In light of their clear devotion to the gospel, I think drinking their dressing as a shot is appropriate.

  4. I'm completely fine with watching TV on Sundays. I'm too busy during the week to watch it so I consider it falling under the "day of rest" principle since I'm definitely resting when I do it. I don't watch anything that detracts from the spirit and I'm usually with my family or friends.

    I'm not sure I like the idea of a Plain English "translation" of the BOM. I'd probably prefer to use study guide explaining the intended meaning of the words or giving background information. The changing of the actual words is what I'm not too keen on. Yes, the original text can be hard to understand, but I'd rather learn the meaning of the original words rather than risk losing meanings with a translation. Using the Plain English version in conjunction with the BOM seems like a good idea though, especially for young teenagers or people newer to English.

    As for meeting a humble person, I wonder if you would be able to tell that they are humble since the they are so humble that they don't want to come off as humble. Or is the recognition of one's own humility unhumble? (I pulled a Rhett and made up a new word.) In reference to Joe and his cancer research, I think it would be ok for Joe to leave Larry, Mo, and Curley out of the paper simply crediting them would be a lie. I don't think that Joe would be being unhumble (used it twice) by not recognizing work that wasn't done.

  5. I'm definitely using the word unhumble this week. That or non-pride.