Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rodcast 91: Baby Blessings (pt. 1)

I think we talked about the beginning of 2 Nephi. We also officially spoke about TV on Sunday. But all of us have a new obsession: baby blessings. Do not listen lest you become obsessed with baby blessings yourselves.

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Next week: Sacrament DOs and DON'Ts (specifically with the "hey we know it's the water being passed now, but we missed the bread -- can we have some?"


  1. Matt was on fire this time. The mock phone call especially. Hilarious.

    Minestrone is typically made with a tomato or bean base. It can be vegetarian, contain meat, or contain a meat-based broth (such as chicken stock)...according to Wikipedia. So, most likely, they were in the clear with the vegetarian standard being maintained.

    There really weren't that many good commercials during the Super Bowl this, no worries, Jn. You didn't miss much.

    I like the 'innocence' idea you discussed, as pertains to Adam & Eve. I don't think they were physically incapable until a certain point. I think they were created with all the 'parts'. I think it was more of an attraction change...more of a chemical change...more of seeing that aspect of each other and how the commandment God had given them was to be accomplished. They trusted Him enough to begin with that they agreed to it before they understood how it was to be done (kind of like how Adam sacrificed so many times without getting the Christ symbolism of the act), and then, after awhile, when they were ready...they figured out how it.

    I think that baby blessings are for the ward AND for the family/child. I see it as the time the child becomes part of the Body of Christ located in that ward or branch. It is not really THAT private of a thing, if you ask me, such that you should do it at home. It should be done in sacrament meeting so that the ward members have the opportunity to be supportive of that family and be able to identify the child.

    I think baby blessings are ordinances because they create change. I would imagine, in order to become a child of record in the Church, a name must be pronounced on them. However, I'm not 100% sure this is the ONLY way you can become a child of record if you are BIC (born in the covenant). Might want to research that one. Anyway, they go from having no official identity in the Church to having an official identity. Logically, this change would be a Melchizedek Priesthood function, and the requirement that the bishop OK the person who does the blessing probably plays into its status as an ordinance too (as with baptisms and things like that...not just anybody can do these things). There are a few different reasons, I think, as to why it is (rightfully) an ordinance.

    Administering to the sick is considered an ordinance of the Melchizedek Priesthood because it involves use of consecrated oil. Blessings of comfort and counsel do not involve anointing, and so are not ordinances. BUT blessing the sick IS an ordinance because it is different in this way. Relatively subtle differences in both cases (blessing the sick/baby blessings), but those differences are what make them ordinances.

    Nice job on "For All the Saints", Pd. I'm still waiting for "O Ye Mountains High"...

    TV on Sunday can be a good, better, best situation. I agree with Jn about the question of what you are doing instead of watching TV. To me, it is about how you distinguish Sunday from the rest of the you show that it is different. If it involves TV, it should involve being more careful in choosing what you watch. The day is meant to be different, and your choices about how you spend your time should reflect the set-apart nature of the day.

    I am left-handed, and I remember going to church in the branch I attended back home and having the people with whom I went to church (carpooled) tell me one Sunday that I needed to take the sacrament with my right hand. I had taken it with my left hand for at least 3-4 years and no one had said anything to me about it. Yes, I trained myself to use my right hand, but they made it sound like I had been doing it wrong the whole time I'd taken it left-handed. That kind of bothered me. It's like the caffeine thing in the Church...there is no outright rule against it, so why the judgment by some of one faction toward those of the other faction?

    Good show, guys. Enjoyed it.


  2. It's probably just my ward's primary president that hates Popcorn Popping, because I've substituted for the piano player in primary.

    Great singing Pd. Way to keep the enthusiasm up. I felt good afterwards too.

    Baby blessings are not ordinances necessary for salvation. We don't give grown up converts blessings like that. Like SRA said, it probably has something to do with child of record, BIC membership. I wish I could have been in Pd's institute class when he asked the conjoined twins question. (Any chance you recorded it?)

    After the Sacrament is passed in my ward, the Priesthood dismisses themselves. (It's interesting and convenient that they don't wait for the "official" dismal. Also one time they ran out of water and had to bless a new batch for extra people, shouldn't there be a better way when you anticipate lots of people in a meeting, (like setting up a small pitcher and empty cups that way if you run out you can easily fill the extra cups if needed)

    If you need help with BSG I've watched both series and have lots of opinions. A big question that needs answers is, Why no energy weapons?

    It's also interesting that you couldn't come up with any ideas about what truly humble people are like. You've won awards.

    I surprised about the plain english version poll. I'm in the minority, that usually doesn't happen.

    What about the second topics on the sidebar? I'd be interested in hearing a discussion of phones in Sacrament and Who you don't want in the Celestial Kingdom.

    Great job, everyone.

  3. One more comment, I surprised with all that talk about baby blessings no one mentioned "bouncing the baby."

  4. This is the first Iron Rodcast I've ever listened to and I have a comment re: tv on Sunday. Someone said something about abstaining from tv...which reminded me of something I heard re: fasting. Fasting is having a prayerful purpose whilst not eating (and presumably doing other things like reading scriptures, etc.) otherwise you're just going hungry. Make sense? If you're not watching tv "just cuz", it doesn't matter as much as it would if you were to not watch tv and instead do something "churchy".

    Or am I just a dork? ;)