Monday, March 26, 2012

Rodcast 97: The Letter of the Spirit World

We were fortunate enough to have the lovely Laura join us this week. Also, we were fortunate enough to tangent off into spirit of the law as well as progression within the three degrees.

Our main topics were supposedly 2 Nephi and then the spirit world for second topic.

Please comment on this one! I'm specifically interested in hearing what you believe regarding the existence of ghosts on our earth in relation to the spirit world.

Download here!

Note: we're probably not recording this next week, so the next Rodcast will be our coverage of the next General Conference. After that, we'll probably cover swearing.


  1. Pd singing to start things off? How lucky could we get?!

    Maybe baptism was a 'check-off' for Christ. It wasn't necessary for him personally, but for the example he came to set. He needed to do it for our sake & not his own.

    Words close to the phrase 'stand as a witness against you at the last day' are in Mosiah 17:10 and Ether 5:4. Neither of them seem to fit Pete's purpose for that lady back in Scotland...

    I'm with Pd. I joined the Church under Pres. Hinckley and he just had this sunny-ness about him that was really attractive. Pres. Monson hasn't interviewed with a TV outlet like Hinckley did with Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes or Larry King on his show. I don't think it would be harmful for Monson to do an interview...especially if Mitt gets the nomination...but it would be kind of against his nature to do it, while it fit perfectly well with Pres. Hinckley's attitude, etc. I miss that.

    I've bought stuff online on Sunday...I fess up that too. Seems like I'm admitting to some kind of improper act every week now. My perspective is that it is highly unlikely your order is going to be filled until at least Monday anyway, so you aren't really forcing anyone to work on Sunday. Technology allows orders to be accepted 24/7, but the people who fill the orders may well (and hopefully do) only work 5-6 days a week.

    President Brigham Young said: “Where is the spirit world? It is right here” (Discourses of Brigham Young, p. 376).

    I don't really have an opinion about ghosts, but that's mostly because I don't have personal experience with them. Many of the ghosts I'm familiar with were, in life, people who had major troubles and/or met a tragic end. Is it a matter of not being able to 'go in peace'? Is that what makes a person more of a candidate to live on in this world as a ghost?

    For me, it will come down to humility in the next life as to whether those who are taught accept the gospel or not. It is no different from here. If you were a prideful sack here, you'll be a prideful sack there. However, if you humbly lived your beliefs here, you will do the same thing there, and, possibly, help others find their way. It is going to take openness to change, though, which can lead to the kind of humility it will take to accept what one is taught on the other side.

    I believe there is progression between kingdoms. If Joseph Smith said it will be long after we pass through the veil until we become perfected, that, to me, lends itself well to the idea we'll have the chance to get better after this life, and part of that process would require an allowance to move into a higher kingdom if that is merited.

    This discussion made me think of the Squirrel Nut Zippers song "In the Afterlife". Good one. Check out the lyrics sometime. I won't post them here for fear you'll read all of them on the podcast next time. haha

    Awwwww FETCH!


  2. Pd. mission story reminded me of "dusting of your feet" (D&C 75:20)

    All the prophets have different personalities and are loved for different reasons by different people. Do you remember where you were when you learned the various Prophets passed away? I was in zone conference when President Benson passed away. The mission president received an emergency page (Wow, that was a long time ago) from the mission office and had to leave the meeting before the closing prayer. I remember President Hunter being very beloved by the church as Prophet, because it had been a long time since the prophet was able to address the church. Also, not very many missionaries' mission calls were signed by President Hunter. I don't remember exactly how I learned about President Hunter's passing, probably a phone call from the zone leaders. I remember being shocked at President Hinckley's passing hearing about it as a breaking news story on a Sunday.

    I like the representation of ghosts/sprits in the movies 'Ghost' and 'What Dreams May Come.' There are probably people who aren't able to let go of this life and hand around "haunting" people here, or flipping coins in the subway. There are many people who have experiences with close relatives who pass on. If your close to the Lord he can send messengers to warn or protect you. There is work going on in the Spirit world (I like calling paradise/prison the holding tank). Another great movie is 'The Others.'

    I won't send in a list of my favorite swear words, it would be a lot of work to beep out the list if Jon reads it.

    I don't like to use substitution words. If you have the self control to say fudge you have the self control to not drop an f-bomb.

    I'm still confused about Laura's second topic? Is it Temple Sealings or Ceilings?

  3. edit for my post: "hand" should be "hang"