Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rodcast 103: Chief Judge Dredd

Stephanie was glad to join us this week. It was pizza day. We caught up on two weeks' worth of Sunday School, which covered two Almas. Apparently the Nephites knew exactly what 9/11 was like, but that didn't stop them from feeling for their enemies.

Three haters spoke of Diet Coke.

Download here!

Next week: Open mic Rodcast!


  1. 1. Diet Coke is gross
    2. Dr. Pepper is delicious.
    3. I think we're overlooking the larger issue of soda in general (diet or not, caffeinated or not). Excess sugar is probably worse for you than caffeine (fake chemical sugar, i.e. diet drinks are worse). People who drink soda because they're thirsty are putting their health at risk. I agree with Stef. Soda is a treat; something to look forward to. If you're just thirsty, drink water.
    4. I bet if you made caffeine free water, and sold it at Deseret Book, Mormons would buy it.

    P.S. Regarding the Mormons Building Bridges at the Gay Pride Parade, I talked to her and Crystal is in for the Rodcast! We can also get the organizer, Erika Munson if you want.

  2. Chief Judge Dredd is one of the better names you have ever come up with

  3. Very cool album art for this one.

    It's not too late for Pete to listen to the Radiowest, he can download an mp3 of the show from their blog. It would be awesome if Pete got to be on Radiowest sometime to talk about the Rodcast.

  4. I'm finally getting caught up on the episodes I've missed the last several weeks (months?). I agree with SRA about Diet Coke totally. There's a weird thing with the Word of Wisdom that we think it's about No coffee, tea, alcohol, or drugs - and I think that is wrong.

    I was surprised to hear you discuss how weird it is for someone to bring up Prop 8 in your ward. I think it is brought up at least every other month in my ward - and every time I feel uncomfortable. I thought it was something everybody was experiencing in every ward. It makes me happy to know it's not as common as I thought. But it also makes me wonder why my ward is so obsessed with it.