Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rodcast 104: Mission Accomplished

Rodcast 104 represents two years of irreverent fun.

Laura and Steph joined us for this specific week's fun that included two separate Sunday school lessons from Alma.

We enjoyed a special anniversary edition second topic speed round. Romney and the Beatles made an appearance.

Download here!

Next week: Seer stones!


  1. Maybe the best pic yet. Last time was the best title, this time the best pic. You guys are on a roll.

  2. Rodcast census report: I'm still listening.

    Woohoo! Congrats on making it to Rodcast 104! Let the celebrations begin.

    It was great to hear the girls this time. They brought the energy level to new heights. It's always great to hear a female perspective.

    When you were talking about Alma 5:53 I was reminded of the episode of the Simpsons where Marge gets the fancy dress for five dollars, and tries to impress the country club people. What is on the outside is not as important or impressive as the personality you present to the world. And I agree with Steph, Mormons have a definitive countenance. You can tell when people are living the Gospel by the way they look. (Apparently, Jon is the exception.)

    I'm disappointed I didn't get around to submitting any topics for the lightening round.

    My favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon: Alma 24. The slaughter of the Anti-Nephi-Lehies and the conversion of the Lamanites is touching to me. I also like the last verse on 24. Former church members can leave the Church but they can't leave it alone.

    I agree with Jon about preparing children to wear garments. By the time they go through the Temple, they should already be wearing suitable clothes. I remember my parents made us wear undershirts, which we all hated. But, now understand the reason.

    The thank-you letter read from the pulpit is a nice gesture. I've always been thanked after I've given a blessing, or helped with a move. But, there is a new, perhaps deeper dimension to thanks when it is read from the pulpit. I'd like to take this time and thank-you for the Rodcast. It is always a great boost when a new Rodcast shows up in the feed.

    As always, loved Pete's singing!

    Pete's goal is great summation of the Rodcast. The discussions you have are great testimony builders. I get a lot from Pete's pontifications. Pete has a gift for teaching that comes through in these recordings. It's still weird that we have never met in person, but I consider the Rodcasters as great gospel friends.

  3. My prediction: Romney won't be going to the Temple if elected President. And an interesting side note about ward boundaries and "celebrity" church members. One time I lived in the apartment building that the Prophet lived in. It was fun to go to that ward, (partly because they met in the JSMB) but from what I can tell President Hinckley only attended Sacrament meeting and didn't speak or preside at the meeting. He just came in right before the meeting started, and was the first to leave after. His name was in the MLS of the ward directory, but the phone number and apartment address were hidden. The ward organized a family dinner when Sister Hinckley passed away. I had to work that day so I didn't get to participate in that activity. There were always a lot of visitors to that ward, partly because it was a ward right downtown, and partly because the Prophet attended Sacrament meeting.

  4. If they allow guns in the temple - or if they close down the temple for everyone but President Romney - either one of those I believe is very inappropriate. Almost as inappropriate at them rearranging the ward boundries to put the white house in a richer/whiter ward. When it comes to the temple, I don't think we really need to worry about it because it's not like Mitt is going to be able to answer the "are you honest with your fellow man?" question in the affirmative.

    As far as the evangelicals not accepting us as Christian... That bugs me too, but I have some real problems with the evangelicals and I don't see any reason for us to try to buddy-buddy with them either politically or otherwise. They've made it clear they don't like us, let's stop pretending to be their friends.