Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rodcast 105: Girls Camp Report '12

We complain about our country just in time for Independence Day!

Also, TWO (again) lessons from Alma.

We were gonna talk about seer stones this week, but instead we had guest Laura do her annual girls camp report. Fun fun fun! Should we include "different" girls?

Download here!

Next week: Seer stones (maybe)!

In two weeks: Boy Scouts of America!


  1. There is a hymn in the Spanish hymnbook that is only in the Spanish hymnbook and not English, etc. I don't remember which one it is, but there is one in there that is unique to Himnos. I like that. My basic thought is that most of the hymnbook should be universal, but allowances should be made for some cultural inclusions here and there.

    btw...the patriotic section of the hymnbook is omitted in Himnos. There are only 209 hymns in that edition...the Spanish version of "Ye Elders of Israel" is last.

    "If you believe then just stand up on your feet and shout it loud: ENGLAND SUCKS! Here at the riot the battle hymn's begun...we're here for USA!"

    Why did the angel intervene with Alma? I think that there are certain situations...the small means by which great things are brought to pass...when the Lord will intervene in order for something to happen and an opportunity to not be frittered away. I see the situation with Alma in Ammonihah as one of these. If nothing else, it let him know with clarity that he was on the Lord's errand, and due to that fact, was entitled to the Lord's help, even if it was a kick in the pants to get himself back to a place he probably wouldn't have returned to otherwise.

    Also, the foreordination thing makes me think of "Saturday's Warriors"..."they must learn why they're here and who they are...". To me, though, such knowledge comes mostly through experience. Yes, you can pray to know where you belong and what you belong doing, but often you come to see what you were meant to do by being given opportunities to reach out and serve and discover yourself.

    I laughed out loud when Jn complimented Laura on following the admonition of Paul re: 'good report'.


  2. You haven't issued the disclaimer in over 100 Rodcasts. There is no need to start worrying about that now.

    I don't remember all the rules my parents had about undershirts, but I remember wearing them in elementary school, but not in junior high or high school. I think I got old enough I just wore what I wanted.

    You might be more patriotic if we had a different national anthem. I recommend Kate Smith's rendition of God Bless America. The Bishop in my ward announced, that "of course we'll stand when we sang the national anthem." And right now the last hymn in the book is "God save the Queen."

    Thanks for the report on YW camp. I have mixed feelings about the dress code issue. I understand Pete's idea that the girls should "come as they are" and we should not be stressed out about sleeves and such. But, there is also an opportunity for teaching correct principles. People shouldn't be offended if they are asked to change clothes, but we also shouldn't be offended at every violation. Aren't the Pharisees the ones who are really great at following all the rules?

    A note about the Church and the scouting program. The Church uses the Boy Scouts in the US and Canada, but not in other countries throughout the world. I grew up in the UK and we didn't go to scouts for church activities. We had Mutual (YM/YWMIA) activities every week and young men's camp for a week in the summer. We probably had more fun/goofing off than the girl's camp, although the testimony meetings were good.

    Pete's songs sounded great with the backup vocals!

    I hope you enjoyed the time off, but I hope you can make the time every week

    Thanks Dudes.