Friday, July 13, 2012

Rodcast 106: Seer Stones

Guess what? Jots and Tittles is back.

Abish. Anti-Nephi Lehies.

A very illuminating discussion on seer stones.

Download here!

Next week: Artists!


  1. I appreciate the lesson on why they're called the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's. Provided me with a little clarity. I guess.

    Way to whip out your BoM knowledge with the coworkers Jon. We talked a lot about that story too in my class. We talked about the difference between promising not to do something and physically removing the temptation. It not only helps you do what you promised, but it's an external exhibit of your promise. I think that's more important (particularly in personal relationships) than we realize.

    I have a little gem for Singin Pete fans. I shot this back when he was my home teacher about 6 years ago.

    P.S. I can't publish comments on this blog in Chrome for some reason. Not sure if that's my end or your end.

    See you next week with Jared.

  2. The Wikipedia article about leprosy is actually quite good. That's where I would look. It says that up to 95% of people are naturally immune to transmission, so that rules out the vast majority of the population from contracting it in the first place.

    I believe Jn is right about Jericho being the oldest continuously-inhabited city on earth. Wiki (again...I don't see it as dubious a source as some) says it is the LOWEST permanently inhabited city on earth and believed to be one of the oldest as well. From what I have heard/read personally, though, it is popularly acknowledged as the oldest.

    I remember Ethan Hacker...and Pd is right...he really gets into it when it comes to gospel discussions and such. Abish-like for sure.

    I, too, can go along with Jn's explanation of the reason why the Anti-Nephi-Lehies were called such. Good thought.

    The Jn story with the coworker was awesome, yes.

    I made it to 7-Eleven for Free Slurpee Day. Tradition! I think they do 11a-7p so as to save cups. This may have been the first year they instituted such a rule, because I remember having to go to about 3 stores last year because the others had run out of cups 'cuz it was a 24-hour thing or something like that.

    Sorry I missed the 14th of July party. It was a busy day overall and I apologize your shindig got pushed out of the schedule. Next year.

    I think Jn's story about Joseph Smith finding a seer stone is true. I know that Pd's story about Joseph digging a well and finding a stone is true. I remember that one too from an Institute class awhile back. Also, one of the guys I work with is reading Richard Bushman's "Rough Stone Rolling" biography of Joseph Smith and said that there's a statement in there from Joseph that anyone can have a seer stone. Whether this was an actual object or more of a spiritual ability or it started out as a physical object that eventually became a spiritual ability (causing the stone itself not to be required anymore) is open to interpretation. The stone may have been/be a starting point, because it sticks in my mind that Joseph eventually didn't need any physical assistance to do the translating. He started out with helps but ended up not needing them. So it may be with us. Training wheels to start out, but not intended to be used forever...requiring effort to make unnecessary. It is up to us to work at it with the diligence needed to become a 'professional'. Lots of good symbolism in the ol' seer stone.

    Jn's movie idea = gold.


  3. I think seer stones are like the Pilantir stones from middle earth. They can function as a crystal ball and foretell the future, but they can also communicate with other stones. It takes great discipline or faith to control these stones, so the weak willed might go crazy if they happen to look into them.

    It's fun to get to know you through these podcasts, and as I share comments you get to know me more. For instance, my calling in church is counselor in the Sunday School. Growing up in the Church, we share a common heritage and culture. It really should not be surprising that our experiences will be all that different.

    .....Whoa! I just watched Laura's link and saw Pd's singing. As always, it's great to hear him sing, but I'm shocked because I had no idea that's what Pd looks like! It's weird to hear a familiar voice, but not recognize the face behind the voice.

    Anyhow, I'm disappointed I had to be out of town this weekend, I missed the 14th celebration. There's always next year.

    I to loved Jn's movie idea... can we find some way to get this thing going?