Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rodcast 107: By and By

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More Anti-Nephi Lehies, a little Korihor and just a touch of the A-team in Sunday school.

We also touched on art in general and our absolute obliviousness to it.

Amazingly Rhett made a special appearance. Haven't seen that guy in years. Laura was kind enough to come along. A very special thanks goes to Jared Clark as this week's special guest who put up with our foolishness.

Download here!

Next week: Boy Scouts of America!


  1. No, Pd. You can't use the Packer line again. Enough.

    Jared was great. Really insightful.

    I love the print of J. Kirk Richards' "Every Knee Shall Bow" we have in our apartment. Really beautiful work. Look it up. The 'sheep' are actually people, as I might have mentioned before during our Deseret Book discussion.


  2. This was my first listen to your podcast. Loved it! The interview with Jared is wonderful! I definitely plan to listen to your backlog.

    (Constructive criticism: The carrots/corn nuts chomping must stop.)

  3. It was so great that Rhett showed up. I won't hold my breath, but hope he can surprise me again. Also, whatever happened to Andrew?

    Pd sounds like he has the same problem I do with abstract art. It might have something to do with my rational brain. I want to make order out of chaos.

    Later dudes

  4. I also sent more comments via email.