Friday, February 1, 2013

Rodcast 118: Lo-rez

Back with a vengeance! A very lazy lazy vengeance!

Our discussion this week (month) involves a young Joseph Smith and his averseness to Presbyterianism as well as a list of stuff we'd like to (but won't) accomplish this year.

Download here!

Next Rodcast: Depression!


  1. Um...Firefox keeps telling me that the server at is taking too long to respond??

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  3. Steph, try Chrome maybe? It should be working.

  4. Ah! It's working now. Sweet.

    Lent starts February 13th (next Wednesday) this year, so I hope Peter enjoys his snacky-type things while he still can. :)

    I honestly can't remember my resolutions for this year. I think it was mostly just a general desire to do more deep breathing...less stressing about everything. The "January piece" of this was to find and move into a new apartment by the end of the month, which we have. This month, I think I am going to work on having more of a social life and try to use those interactions as an outlet. And also to put some faith in the power of prayer. I kind of like to do a theme for the year and then figure out along the way ways that I can fulfill the overall goal.


  5. Happy New Year everyone! Didn't anyone else change times at church this year?

    I don't know if I would buy your "Presbyterian" shirt, but it would be pretty cool to wear a "Iron Hot Rod" shirt. That would be pretty cool to wear.

    Laura's comment was particularly good last time.

    If Jon needs help with his resolution, I can be really annoying if you need me to. I'll have him swearing in no time.

    I think I'll try Pete's resolution too. I am going to exercise more.

    I don't think I've ever had clinical depression, so take what I'm about to say through that filter. Depression might be over diagnosed in recent years. Or maybe with all the modern conveniences we have, we have more time than our ancestors to worry and fret. If the Church program is being followed, there really isn't much time to be depressed. It's good to get out and mingle with people, and the Church provides a great program for that. Besides going to church each week, you have the opportunity to home/visit teach. Getting to know other people is hard for me, but I appreciate opportunity to get to know others. When I need to get over my depression, it helps me to get out and serve others. There are a lot of wonderful people out there.

    Possible second topic idea: Time travel. (I hope Pete doesn't get too much of a headache)


  6. I was thinking, maybe its time to have a Family Home Evening and talk about our new method of enforcing the family laws. No more time outs...ritualistic stoning for everything. They won't last the first day.

    Ah. Resolutions. I think once you adjust your goals, they become a lot more fulfilling. I set resolution after resolution to lose weight and always failed. This year I've resolved to gain 50 pounds. I think its going to turn out to be a win-win. If I gain the full 50, then I realized my goal and will have a great time (and a stroke) along the way. If I miss it, well at least I'm not such a pig that I gained 50 pounds in a year. I'm not sure resolutions are such a good idea. Life is so much easier when you take ambition out of the mix. Now, the unicycle. That's something I can get behind.

    Be careful how much you wish for the opportunity to use your F word. It will get in your head. It happened to a member of our Bishopric over the pulpit during our combined priesthood/rs meeting as he was trying to figure out his iPad. He still doesn't realize he said it and we all think too much of him to let him know. Not the F word, was a biblical word that signifies the ending of ones eternal progression. Maybe his that day...dunno.

    Keep up the good work.