Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rodcast 120: Spacious

Here's a bit of different copy this time around.

0:00 -- Welcome and Pete's trivia
6:46 -- Jon's stake conference report
26:45 -- Sunday school lesson #5 "This Is the Spirit of Revelation"
30:09 -- Lent update
36:19 -- Polls update
37:55 -- Listener comments
53:08 -- Great and spacious building activities

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  1. Allan Packer, Pres. Packer's son, is a Seventy. He's probably the one who did Jn's training.

    Eldred Smith was Patriarch for the whole Church from 1947 to 1979. There will still be stake patriarchs after him. He's just the last whole-Church patriarch...and he turned 106 last month, so he's probably not super-long for this world. He is not the last Patriarch overall, though. Just the last one to hold the calling of Patriarch for the whole Church.

    Electronic devices in church meetings...don't get me started. If you cannot give it up, turn it off and put it away for three hours a week, you need to reevaluate your life. That REALLY shouldn't be too much to sacrifice. Crocheting is something you can do while paying attention to the do not have to be watching your hands the whole time (if you're any good, true). It doesn't take as much attention and concentration as surfing on your smartphone does. I severely judge those who use their smartphone for anything but looking up the lesson, scriptures, etc. Words With Friends, Facebook, e-mail, etc.=big, big no-no to me.

    I will absolve Pd for having tortilla chips as part of his nachos at Alberto's. Their super nachos are delicious and I understand why he partook of them.

    I am thinking the tech crew for M&SW gets paid for working on Sunday. They're Church employees (as far as I know) and probably on salary, I'm guessing.

    There's an organ recital in the Tabernacle every day around lunchtime, btw. It's usually one of the Tabernacle organists performing, but there are guests sometimes too. Also, I have seen the pin drop thing and the paper tearing thing from the pulpit and how you can hear it in the back of the room.

    Thanks for the minute and second demarcations in the copy. Very helpful to keep things organized.

    Pd's right about not being stuck in the least not in this life. I don't know that the Tree of Life story is very repentance-focused, else there probably would be mention of the possibility of leaving the building. At that point in the BoM, anyway, the theology of Lehi and his family was not very advanced, so I don't know how familiar they were with the concepts related to the Atonement. It seems like the theological concepts in the BoM become more and more complex the further you go into the book. Moroni would be more likely to talk about being able to leave the building than Lehi...if you ask me.

    Pd: Please tell me you got rid of the beard for your trip. And keep it off!


  2. Ok...the funnel, not for eating. It is for the facilitation of pouring the booze down my gullet. I would ask for whatever amount is necessary to put me in a mini-coma.

    Do you realize, that by scoring 4 out of 6 on the trivia, your score is 66.6% And, I hearby absolve you. Those chips were part of the meal.

    We had Elders Christensen (some Canadian guy) and Shane Bowen. They talked about the same things (except no mention of our start on the road to apostasy by no longer having a church patriarch?) But we talked about priesthood keys and home teaching. Most of what you heard including the apostolic Interegrum (however you spell it). They must have some sort of training before hand and at least some points they are supposed to share. I found it all very interesting and very enlightening.

    The poll, I voted for the crocheting. At least with an electronic device there is the possibility that you are following along. If we assume the best that is the case. If you are doing a craft, it's obvious that it has nothing to do with the lesson. If she says, "well, hey, I'm crocheting a new cloth for the sacrament table" or some non-sense like that I would just say, 'there's a time and a place sister and I just missed the point the teacher made about whether baptism actually washes away sin because I was distracted by your handicraft. And, furthermore, what are you...25? Who does crocheting at your age?!? Have some pride sister' Something like that. I digress....

    (I take notes as I my thoughts aren't always that organized)

    Finally, can you come back from the GSB? Is there a limit to the power and reach of the atonement? I'm thinking you can always come back unless you are a son of perdition, and I don't see either one of you on the list.


    Stan RSO (Rodcast Sarcasm Officer)

  3. Electronic devices are definitely more distracting to me in church. The important thing is to be present during the meeting. It sounded like the lady was present and participating during the lesson, so Pd should ignore her crocheting.

    Super nachos are very tasty, so I lean toward giving Pd a break for eating them. However, I also think he should have a bit of a punishment. If ten extra days are not good, he should maybe have to crochet something during Sunday School class? (We would also accept knitting)

    I gave up reddit for lent.

    Second topic idea: The oath and covenant of the Priesthood. It might help answer some questions about keys and authority and such.

    Another second topic idea: Steadfast or stubborn.

  4. It looks like the Church WANTS us to use the digital versions. They updated the scriptures digitally before printally.