Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rodcast 121: Limbo

I feel totally dumb that I forgot to talk about how Illyana Rasputin became the ruler of Limbo.

0:00 -- Minutes and ward party story
8:38 -- Jon's trivia
12:46 -- Polls
18:06 -- Sunday school lesson #8 "The Restoration of the Priesthood" (also some Elder's quorum lesson)
28:36 -- Hymnbook copyright
30:48 -- Listener comments
58:10 -- Limbo
1.15:30 -- End and outtake

Download here!

Next Rodcast: Life on other worlds!


  1. How nice that a new Rodcast was put out in time for the start of Holy Week.

  2. Where to start. Via personal revelation...good news! The Great and Spacious Building has Wi-fi.

    You wanted to know if being the director and/or organist in Music and the Spoken Word was a calling. My brother in law was at a stake conference where President Packer spoke. This came up. It is a calling and there is no salary.

    Did Lehi know about the atonement? I would have to believe that any prophet would have a pretty good understanding of the atonement. Just seems like this is what it is all about.

    (this is what I mean about my comments being disjointed... I scribble notes while I listen so this is all out of order)

    Funnel Cakes. Two big thumbs up. They contribute, to a certain extent, to how fat I am. I like your idea. It would take very little alcohol, I suspect, to get me drunk. I bet a beer would do it. I guess I'll never know for sure.

    Crocheting. The 8th deadly sin (personal revelation again.)

    Example of what you might do that affects others? You will understand it the first time you wear nothing but sandals to church.

    The new version of the scriptures. I wouldn't know...I still use my 1830 copy of the Book of Mormon. Actually, I haven't even picked up my scriptures in over a year. I only use my electronic device.

    How to keep darkness out.I was just reading about this yesterday. There is a talk (not by President Packer) by Elder Hales in April 2002 that addresses this very specifically. He has a story about riding his bike and using one of those headlamps that run off of the generator on the back tire.

    My list of who is in outer darkness. There is a mailing list. I'll see if I can find more info.

    And finally...this is the best. Remember the counselor in the bishopric who swore over the pulpit? I mentioned this in a recent comment. Well...he spoke in church yesterday. He was talking about overcoming personal weaknesses. He told the story about when his brother compared him to a beaver. Brother 'X' responded that he had no flat tail, oily hair, nor chewed wood. His brother said it was because he was always damming things. He proceeded to talk about how he had this weakness throughout his life. Mentioning dams several times. I was laughing so hard I think I may have had a mini stroke. And now...the best part. Wait for it. The new Stake President was on the stand. BOOM! BEST. SACRAMENT. MEETING. EVER.

  3. So we should expect a new Rodcast monthly instead of weekly? OK. Considering the problems you had remembering stuff from past weeks' lessons, you may want to think about doing it more often...

    The Presiding Bishopric has responsibility for Church finances, properties, administration of Welfare programs...lots of 'material' stuff. Not easily farmed out...they have lots of jobs and stuff that they oversee. When I worked at the Office Building, I worked for the CPB...Corporation of the Presiding Bishopric, as Missionary Travel and Visa was under their purview. The 'other' side of Church business is the Corporation of the President...they do more of the spiritual stuff with temples and records and such.

    Being in the Tab Choir IS a calling. Choir members are set apart as missionaries, believe it or not.

    Yay! No beard!

    Jn's explanation of what he meant when talking about the GSB (great & spacious building) last week makes sense now. Thanks for the clarification.

    Is all murder unpardonable, no matter the circumstances?

    Funnel cake...YES!

    One of the big changes with the 2013 edition of the Scrips is a change to the heading of Official Declaration #2: see BCC's article...

    The Catholic Church stopped teaching limbo 50-60 years ago. Whatever you were reading is old and/or apocryphal. Catholics believe in hell, purgatory and heaven these days. Modern teaching is that if you, through no fault of your own did not get baptized, it cannot and will not be held against you. It is about your choice and the availability of teaching and reception of the sacraments. I have never heard of limbo of the fathers, even though I went through 14 years of Catholic school and come from a hardcore Catholic family. Limbo of the infants was a cruel teaching and I'm glad it's off the books now.

    Vatican II was held in the early '60s and made a lot of changes, most famously the cessation of the Latin Mass being the worldwide standard. I don't know that limbo came up, but the meetings went on over a period of years, so anything's possible, I suppose.

    I'd be interesting in talking about purgatory. Very interesting concept. Mormons have the 3 degrees, Catholics have purgatory.

    I love "Contact". Jodie Foster & Matthew McConnaughey. Great movie. Much appreciation for Carl Sagan. Also, check out Elder Maxwell's segment in the original "Special Witnesses of Christ" for comments on the possibility of life existing elsewhere.

    2 weeks from now, you need to talk about Conference. Save the life on other worlds topic for Podcast 123. Please. I'd like to put off the Star Trek conversation as long as possible.


  4. To stay current, I think the podcast should be weekly.

  5. I thought of a great new segment idea for the star of the show: Corrections and clarifications for SRA. She always has the best comments and it would be great to get the corrections taken care of right away.

    I like how Jn always mentions "last week." It is very aspirational. The goal should be to have a Rodcast every week, but I understand that things come up.

    Interesting theory about why there is not a new hymnbook. Although are we really that attached to all the hymns, that if we couldn't renew some of them due to copyright we couldn't find others?

    So if you're in the Choir and you have nine o'clock church, your calling gets you out of having to go to three hour church? That almost makes me want to practice my singing.

    I look forward to the Life on other world's/Star Trek conversation, more than the OSC gay stuff. I grow weary of the gay marriage talk with the supreme court stuff in the news lately. BTW, my predication is that the court will decide not to decide right now. The legislature needs to change the rules. The gay marriage stuff won't be resolved for years to come.