Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rodcast 122: 183rd Annual

0:00 -- Allergy stuff
2:19 -- Corrections and minutes
3:47 -- Pete's card (2/6)
10:16 -- Polls
12:00 -- Family ward report
19:38 -- Listener comments
41:26 -- 183rd Annual General Conference chatty chat

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  2. Good news!

    'Biweekly' is twice a week. I think you were going for recording 'bimonthly'. That's twice a month.

    Thanks for the compliment on my Conference recaps on FB, Pd. One of my favorite things to do, though discovering the BCC Twitter feed this year made it even better than past years. Very informative, funny, quality commentary.

    Elder Andersen isn't on any specific committee. All of the Apostles take turns assigning missionaries each Thursday. It happened to be his turn the Thursday after October Conference last year. Two used to do it per week...now it is up to six with the age change.

    Elder Clayton's talk was excellent, and that's coming from a jaded 30+, never-dated single girl. Worthwhile reading/watching/following.

    The Sunday afternoon invocation...yes...went on forever. I kept thinking "She's not helping the cause...she's not helping the cause...". Bleh.

    Pd: Set a precedent...not set a precedence. Precedence is taken, precedent is set.

    Women are not going to get the Priesthood. Don't even entertain the thought. That would cleave the Church in two, first of all. It would change essential doctrine, practice, belief, everything. It would make men unnecessary in a relationship/marriage. If you ask me, it would make the Church not true anymore. It would allow for a changeable God and that's not how He is. That happens and you might as well throw out the Family Proclamation. A proclamation made by a prophet. If the prophet can be wrong when speaking as the prophet...the Church ceases to be led by revelation and it ceases to be true.

    Same with gay marriage. Gay temple marriages would also change essential doctrine/practice/teaching. It's a no-go.

    Never heard that Bishop Pohlman line about being a bishop being the easiest calling. Interesting, and, I would imagine, true.

    Elder Holland. Oh, Elder Holland. Shakes the walls of hell EVERY TIME.

    I would agree that Elder Oaks' talk was, well, intolerant in a Conference highlighted by calls to be more compassionate. I wonder how he and Pres. Uchtdorf deal with each other...

    Jn: Note-taking technology exists. You don't have to scribble everything by hand anymore. It's not helpful to you or anyone else if you can't read what you wrote.

    Elder Christofferson told a great story about his mom during his talk about his mom hiring a lady...I don't know if she was LDS or not...and her daughter to help around their house. He talked about how initially frustrated she was with the hired help, but the amazing change the dignity of a job had on the lady and her daughter, and how she went on to do great things with her life as a result of being given that chance. We can do the same for others...see beyond what they lack and give them a chance to improve with our guidance and love. Worth listening to again.


  3. "We've been LETTING them speak for decades"??? Watch your language, Pete :)

    Yeah, her prayer went on way too long. If I were asked to pray I'd set a "precedent" by keeping it short and sweet.

    Honestly, I didn't realize women hadn't prayed in conference before either. I think that's part of the problem. We're so used to tradition and how things are that we don't question things. I'm glad there are people out there who do notice these things though.

    It would be nice if some women in the church could bear the same responsibilities as the men -- yes, even the bishop. One thing that was brought to my attention recently is maybe a young girl would feel more comfortable talking to a woman about certain issues -- especially moral transgressions and receive guidance and steps for repentance with her rather than discuss it with an older man --alone in a room.

    Just a thought.

  4. Good news everyone...

    You need to delete the scriptures and re-download to see the updated headings. Hope you can see the updated headings now.

    Way to go Laura! Pete needed to be called out for his misogyny.

    I've given up trying to read the tweets during GC. They scroll by too fast now, and most are just retweets anyhow.

    I tend to agree that the whole organizational structure of the Church would have to change if women were to be ordained to the Priesthood. Although I like Laura's thought about having a sister be assigned to counsel one on one with sisters who need it. Perhaps we could call this calling ward Matriarch?

    It's interesting that the Rodcast brought up the Church patriarch recently, and he died the day before GC. It's also interesting that the Church patriarch was ended in 1979, the year after the removal of the priesthood ban. It also might have something to do with the fact that all general church patriarchs were descendants of Joseph Smith Sr.

    Elder Holland is continuing his streak of knocking it out of the park for his conference address. He does such a great job.

    I always like the content of Elder Bednar's talks, but I don't enjoy his delivery. For some reason it is easier for me to read his talks.

    After Pete listens to the conference talks on his iPod, he should listen to Jesus the Christ next. Since he's ahead of his book club readings.

    Anyhow, great thoughts as always.

  5. I have met with my bishop every week I've been in town since my roommate and I moved at the end of January and we started attending the ward the first week in February. I anticipate meeting with him weekly for at least another month, when I intend to interview to get my temple recommend back. This has been a crazy process for me...getting active in the Church again...and I cannot imagine going through it with a female 'bishop'. I really believe the experience of being bishop is needed for men. I believe it gives them the opportunity to develop compassion in a way that couldn't come otherwise. I am fortunate that my bishop is not a judgmental person in the first place. He is a definitely driven by love. However, there are those who are not. Priesthood leaders in general do not do a perfect job. It can be awkward going to them to go through the repentance process. I can imagine myself in high school and having transgressed and wondering how a middle-aged man to whom I am not related is the right person for me to whom to confess and move forward. I can see that. However, I believe it is important that they have the opportunity to lead and better themselves and become more like the Savior. You've heard the saying that bishops often don't get called for the members, but for themselves? It is important that they be held accountable for having magnified their calling. This goes back to a bad experience I had with a former bishop and my wanting him to be released because I knew other ward members were experiencing similarly serious effects, but the SP's refusal to do it and it taking me a long time to understand why. He had to stay as bishop so he would be accountable to God for his conduct and how he discharged his duties.

    Anyway, II believe the example of the young sister's confession/repentance is way too narrow of a situation to argue for a change of this magnitude. I would not want a female's help in getting active again. Priesthood to me is a male thing. Heavenly Father and the Savior are the ultimate Priesthood bearers and they are definitely not female. Sisters can be assisted by the YW/RS leaders, moms, and other females in their circle without requiring a female bishop.

    I'm sorry. This topic just gets me really worked up.