Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rodcast 128: Omiss

Today I learned that those P-poppers actually do accomplish something. Especially for young Peter Nash.

0:00 -- Minutes/July 14th recap
5:58 -- Jon's card (2.5/6)
10:20 -- Sunday school (Lesson 24: "Be Not Deceived, but Continue in Steadfastness," Lesson 25: Priesthood: "The Power of Godliness")
36:20 -- Polls
37:07 -- Listener comments
60:24 -- Responsibility for suffering -- even through omission

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  1. Super Trivia sounds like great fun. If you do it again next year, I think Tiffany and I might make the scene. Love games like that. Oh, and if you have a chocolate milk drinking contest.

    Yes, Marriott Center seats suck. Women's Conference the past 3 years has taught me that clearly.

    When small things cause major reactions, like leaving the Church, it is almost always the last straw for that person/family/whatever. It is them waiting for some final perceived slight or offense in order to feel 'justified' in throwing it all away. DQs that they are (drama queens)...and this is speaking from experience. My big bad moment came a year after I was baptized. I really wanted to receive my endowment. I knew I'd reached the minimum time in the Church, so I couldn't see any reason why I couldn't go (nevermind that I was 19 years old). When the answer was no, I freaked out and went online and looked for anti-LDS stuff about the temple. Found it, of course, and ended up not going to the temple again for almost 2 years. We all rebel/apostatize from time to time...some more dramatically and for more lengthy times than others. Personal apostasy...that might be a good second topic...

    I'm glad there are Priesthood bearers who don't really know what the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood are...glad to know it isn't just the sisters.

    Phrase of the podcast: "Servicing other people".(around 28:20) Yes, I have a dirty mind.

    I agree with Jn's observation about men nowadays being more concerned with being PC. Guys now are lazier, more milquetoastish about a lot of stuff. They are not as oriented toward taking charge, taking responsibility, etc. True story.

    Pd: Just steal Jn's talk and read parts of it for your lesson, then keep the floor really open for questions and you'll be home free.

    The Infinite Atonement I was talking about is the one by Tad Callister. The one and only, so far as I know.

    I agree with Jn about how disciples of Christ will want to be held accountable for the effects of their actions on others, whether they intend those effects or not.

    There is a story cited in "The Infinite Atonement" abt how, when Pres. Kimball was called to be an apostle, he went around to every person with whom he had a business relationship and explained he'd been called to a leadership position in his church and that he could not serve in good conscience unless he knew he'd been honorable with them. He brought his checkbook. Some told him they were square, some had him write them a check. That's a pretty impressive example of conscience in action.

    Also, a bit from Pres. Hinckley (October 1984 Ensign...from a talk he gave at the SL Institute the previous year, and which speaks to Jn's point about true disciples of Christ wanting to be held accountable for their actions and words):

    "There is a mighty strength that comes of the knowledge that you and I are sons and daughters of God. Within us is something of divinity. One who has this knowledge and permits it to influence his life will not stoop to do a mean or cheap or tawdry thing."


    I would be interested in being in on the sex talk when it happens, btw.

    And I loved your use of the Ole Miss Rebel logo for this week's cover image.


  2. Hey dudes,

    Pete sounded really excited during this Rodcast. Has he been getting more sleep?

    I've been reading about the Oath and Covenant in my personal study recently, there are some really awesome bits in section 84. I have a few notes I could share.

    When Pete doesn't like the lesson he is assigned to teach, he could simply teach something else. All he has to do is pray for a inspiration to teach a different subject. He could say something like, "The subject I was assigned is important and powerful, but I feel moved to preach on this topic."

    I saw the story about the Seventy losing his testimony, and I don't get how someone can live their whole life in the Church and not be aware that JS and BY practiced polygamy.

  3. Here is my basic outline for the Oath and Covenant.

    Man's obligation
    1. Receive the Priesthood (vs 35-38)
    2. Magnify calling (vs 33)
    3. Give diligent heed (vs 43)
    4. Live by every Word (vs 43-44)
    God's obligation
    1. Santification (vs 33)
    2. Numbered among the elect (vs 34)
    3. Eternal Life and ALL that God has (vs 38)