Sunday, August 4, 2013

Rodcast 129: Why

0:00 -- Hellos, B.S. and minutes
9:15 -- Rhett's card (1/6)
14:10 -- Sunday school (Lesson 26: "Go Ye into All the world, and Preach My Gospel, Lesson 27: "They Must Needs Be Chastened and Tried, Even as Abraham"), priesthood lesson (4th Sunday conference talk)
34:40 -- Polls
38:45 -- Listener comments
51:34 -- Should BYU still be subsidized?
94:50 -- Brethren Facebook rankings

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Next week: Environmentalism!


  1. I haven't listened to the whole Rodcast yet, but I have to be the first to say, the opening this week is Amazeballs Awesome!

  2. I vote you gave that $20 to the next Hitler.

    Greek is not a race. It is an ethnicity. Your Jots & Tittles cards are full of crap.

    That really was the worst card in history, too, btw.

    I will always believe that going to school in a place where your beliefs are 'novel' is better for you than going to school where the vast majority of the other students share your beliefs. That was my experience at Penn State, and I consider it priceless. I suppose some people need the cocoon to really develop their faith, but I come from the other side of the question and believe it is just as valid and maybe more so than the idea that surrounding yourself with Mormons is the way to go in any stage of life.

    I tend not to focus on the fact that part of my tithing money could potentially be going to BYU. I tend to think of my tithing going to temples or the printing of Church magazines or scriptures or something like that. Something inoffensive.

    Part of my problem with BYU is that I knew a lot of kids from back in PA who were needed to build the Church in their home area, but went to BYU and stayed in Utah/other high LDS population areas thereafterward and deprived a place that needed them seriously. BYU robs other parts of the country and the world of good young people who could go to an equally high-quality school closer to home and not fall into the "Zion trap". That is one of the things I have against the school. There is still this 'gather to Zion' mentality...maybe not from Europe to the US, but from other parts of the US to Provo, and that's not right. High school-aged LDS kids need to be encouraged to go elsewhere and not to feel like BYU is their only choice.

    To the best of my knowledge, if a young person wants to go on a mission, the Church will pay their expenses. Between the ward, the stake, and the general level, it gets done. That is part of why the First Presidency put out the letter to encourage people to give to the missionary funds on the tithing slip. Since the age change last year, there are a lot more missionaries without means to pay for it themselves, and the Church wants to make sure they can do it.

    I am a Neil L. Andersen fan (and not just on Facebook) because I've met with him in his office more than once. He is amazing.


  3. Hooray, the patriotic hymns are still in the hymnbook.

    Rhett's card was ridiculously hard, but that is the luck of the draw.

    I was always like Pete in regards to BYU. I never had any inclination to go there, but not because of any strong feeling against. The only thing I don't like about the honor code, is the enforcement of haircuts and hemlines. The administrations worry a bit too much about those minor points, IMHO. However, in a little over and hour, Jon and Rhett have convinced me what a great thing it is. All schools should be as well managed. The price of a college education is crazy these days. I would tend to agree with some of the people who say that it might be better to not go into so much debt, education doesn't only happen in schools/colleges.

    Any tithing money that goes to BYU is going to a good cause, that is promoting the mission of the Church. A lot of BYU graduates go out to the world and do a lot of good in their careers.

    I've witnessed the miracle where funds are made available to the young person who hasn't saved enough for a mission many times in my life. It only takes 40 people giving $10/month to support one missionary.

    Possible second topic idea: How much money does the church save by having a lay ministry? In Elder's quorum last week, the teacher made an example of how much it would cost to pay Bishops and Stake presidents. (If you like spreadsheets it might be fun to do the math and guesstimate how much would be paid in payroll to just the Bishops and Stake presidents, there are 3005 stakes in the church.)