Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rodcast 130: One Tree Hill

Listen if you dare! What is the sound of one man talking? Music. To my ears anyway. I'm a big fan of myself though. Remember to send in lots and lots of corrections.

0:00 -- Minutes
2:53 -- Pete's card (Jon's card (3/6 (really 5/6)))
6:18 -- Sunday school (Lesson 29: Building the Kingdom of God in Nauvoo, Illinois; Lesson 30: "The Prisoners Shall Go Free")
22:52 -- Polls
24:15 -- Listener comments
41:23 -- Environmentalism

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  1. Got a good laugh from the Alex Trebek "No-voo" story. hehe

    Between 1844-46, the saints in No-voo were working on the temple. One of the biggest reasons they stayed was to have the chance to receive their ordinances before they left to cross the plains.

    The new temple movie is AWESOME. LOVE it. My roommate and I decided to go to other temples most of the time so as to see the movie instead of the live-acted session at Salt Lake. It is a little bit longer, the production values are much better, and the emotion is just stronger. A&E actually get teary over the decision to leave the garden, and you also get to see the physical bodies of the Creators, instead of just the voices. Satan in this movie...well, he's kind of become the image in my head of what the adversary looks & acts like. This one is far from the plastic of the previous movies.

    Also, they actually stopped showing the blonde Eve movie awhile ago. They only showed the Michael Ballam one for at least the past few months. I liked the blonde Eve one better too.

    I have heard from a friend who works in Church A/V that there are going to be at least 3 new temple movies total. So...I'm thinking that once they get them all rolled out, we won't get bored of them for quite awhile.

    Go see it and let us know what you think.

    I get a total of 54090 'employees' of the Church between stake presidencies and bishoprics (9015 in stake presidencies & 45075 in bishoprics--this is not including branches and districts). If we paid each of them $40k, it would cost the Church $2,163,600,000. Yes, 2 billion dollars. And that's a lowball estimate. There are 13 wards in the YSA stake I was in here in SL up until this past Sunday (yes, I've moved to the family ward...oh boy)...

    I love that 'How GAs Eat a Reese's PB Cup' video. Hilarious.

    I'm with you on the environmental thing. We are stewards. Nothing less.

    Interesting one-man-band experience. Pretty well done. Congrats.

    Second topic idea: Your thoughts on the idea that boys in the Church are raised to think of girls as 'dangerous' because they can lead them into sexual sin, and the idea that girls need to dress modestly to 'protect' the boys from bad thoughts/actions. This is a hot button among some of my friends right now and I'd like to hear what you guys think, if you have any specific observations to make or opinions to put forth.


  2. The only Zion Curtain that I know of is related to the liquor laws of Salt Lake where there had to be a curtain that covered the area where liquor was stored in a restaurant. Not sure if that is still a thing though.

  3. The experiment worked. Only one host is needed to put out a Rodcast. Although, Pete get his priorities straight and not work so much. He should learn to let other people do his work.

    I've checked out a lot of the various other Mormon themed podcasts and they all seem to have the opinion that it is terrible or inconvenient to be a member of the Church. I like that the Rodcast is mostly a fun entertaining conversation between friends. It is a shame that there are not more listeners. Although I like the attention my comments get, it is a pretty cool club to be in. BTW, did you hear that the whiny old lady bloggers are going to try and 'infiltrate' the the next Priesthood session?

    All this talk about a new Temple video made me realize that I haven't been/seen a Temple movie in over five years. I've only gone to the live sessions. It might be worth it to go check out the new video after the excitement dies down a bit.

    Feel free to not use any topic or idea I suggest. It is part of the brainstorming process. I don't always have the best ideas, but once in a while I have moments of brilliance.

    Was Jon calling me out to be on the Rodcast at the end when he said someone could Skype in next time? That might work out as I don't like to venture too far away from home. I would be willing to travel about five miles though, so I could possibly make a live appearance. When I call in I'll be sure to use my favorite line, "long time listener, first time caller."

    RE: Steph's second topic idea: It mostly sounds like a wrong way to teach children about modesty. Children need to be taught to keep their "personal areas" covered, but there is probably a lot of latitude when it comes to fashions. On a related note, I've read an article recently that the education establishment is failing to educate boys compared to girls. The whole K-12 system is set up the way that girls learn, and boys are trained to not allow boys to learn in a way that is natural for them. Boys need to have active hands on experiences, but outside time is being diminished. It is leading to more boys dropping out, and not pursuing college degrees. And girls are becoming more successful to the point that they can't find a man that is attractive to them. Something to think about.