Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Podcast 17: Bald

Elijah, Elisha. I still think it's weird that their names are so similar. Not only did we complete the Eli epic, but we dabbled a little in heaven as a motivation for goodness vs. goodness for its own sake. I think we talked about a bunch of other stuff too, but what we were supposed to talk about was Elisha and his mantle -- which we did.

Also, tithing. How much should you pay? How much do you pay? What if you're paid in food? How do you get 2.75 chickens into one of those grey envelopes?

As an added added bonus if you listen all the way to the end you'll be able to hear the spiritual conversation we have before every podcast to get us ready for what we'll eventually discuss.

Also, I tried to get rid of some of the background ceiling fan noise, so I eliminated some of the audio in the 160-200 Hz range using an artificial graphic equalizier. What do you think? Is that frequency range a good one to eliminate?

Download here!


  1. Briefly:

    Tithing should be off-limits to discussion. Until the Church says paying gross over net is the only way to go, you have no room to speak. You need to leave it alone and keep your opinions/practices to yourselves. Yes, it did get pharisaical...and probably pharasitical (parasitical) too.

    The discussion at the very end about movies and cartoons was ridiculously great. Loved it.

    Ecclesiasticus=Book of Sirach. In the version of the Bible I read as a Catholic, but not in the KJV.


  2. I think the guys make it pretty clear they are sharing their opinions and the church makes it clear it is a personal decision. Also, Rhett says himself he is using the podcast as a forum where he can share his opinion, not what is specifically taught by the church. As he mentioned, he would never teach his opinion in church.

    Rhett- Yes, I'm listening, but no, I will not comment on commitment issues. I'm sure this text box could not hold all of my thoughts :)

    Always entertaining boys....

  3. I agree about the podcast being a forum for opinion. That was the point right? Talk about difficult topics that you couldn't really delve into with Sunday school because it is a more friendly and intimate space.

    With that said...you have no justifiable reason to have a missionary as an intern! I know you were kidding. It was funny.

  4. Good stuff again, guys - I'm going to reserve most of my commentary as I'm sending in a recording, but I WOULD like to suggest a topic for your sidebar: "loud laughter" - is this podcast in violation of D&C 88:121?

  5. Great discussion. I would like to add my opinion that no topic should be off -limits to discussion (within reason - and even then why not?).

    I loved the tithing discussion. Great ideas!