Monday, August 16, 2010

Podcast 19: Turn

We really had a full house this time around! Yay! Besides the three of us, we had our old lady, Alexis, plus our old friends (now married) Adam and Laura! Also Pete's parents voiced themselves a little behind the scene.

Ecclesiastes. It's not just where the lyrics to "Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There is a Season)" are from (although I think we never actually mentioned the title of the song in the podcast).

Why are Mormons Republicans? We attempt to answer that. We don't succeed. Special thanks to Laura for being a Democrat in on the discussion. Special thanks to Pete for predictably being a Republican. Semi thanks to the rest of us who just tried to find their way.

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  1. You need to have Adam and Laura on more often. Awesomeness. I loved the SS story at the beginning...and "that's a Song of Solomon b-side".

    Apostatic? Was that your almost-made-up-word-that-actually-isn't?

    'Apostatizing' and 'apostasizing' are the same word, but the latter is the proper one. Mormons screwed it up. It's like 'proselyting' should be 'proselytizing'. Mormons made a verb out of a noun (proselyte)...makes me want to throw up in my mouth every time I hear it.

    I'm also a little left-of-center according to the test I took online too, Jon. It was from the Washington Post on Facebook and I thought it was really an accurate representation of my leanings.

    If Rhett didn't bring up the fact that Marlin K. Jensen is a Democrat, I was going to do it. Good going, Rhett. :)

    I think one of the big issues in Utah that lends itself well to Republicanism is states' rights. People here are big on protecting their rights to their land (esp. for mining/natural gas drilling) and keeping the Feds out of the equation. Grand Staircase-Escalante was the worst thing that could have happened in that vein, since it was basically a unilateral land grab Bill Clinton committed and it became the rallying cry for people in this state on this issue.

    I was impressed with the abortion conversation. A lot of good points brought up all around.

    It is not easy to be a Mormon Democrat, it's true. But it is doable and it is NEEDED. Nothing in the temple recommend interview shades toward one side or the other, and that fact needs to be noted. Another example of how the Church is true and the people often aren't.


  2. I don't hate Pete's voice as much as I just cringe with insecurity when I hear it because I think it's me talking and get stressed out about what I'll say next (and knowing my track record, I fear it will be something dumb).

    I loved the political discussion. I have completely changed my politics over the last few years and although I don't align myself with one particular party, I do morally oppose one particular party. Anyway, I always appreciate a good fair open minded discussion.

    And after careful consideration, I have decided that I am definitely opposed to Rhett's idea for reinstating a pole-tax.

  3. I'm glad I was able to make Pete's lesson on Sunday. I love the Proverbs, I should read them more.

    Good political discussion, and it was great to hear from Adam and Laura. Speaking of voices sounding the same, Laura's (coincidentally) sounded like mine to me, except way less giggly and way more articulate.