Monday, August 30, 2010

Podcast 21: Footnotes

Okay, you'll have to listen carefully to this one, because we say some really profound stuff (but mostly because it sounds like we're behind a closed bathroom door).

This week the topic was supposed to be Micah and Jonah, but we probably spent most of the time discussing the merits of scripture footnotes that only lead to the topical guide.

We wrap up with a cute discussion about techno-gossip.

Download here!

Micah 6:9


  1. I hate to admit it, but you see more IPhones and IPads in church in NYC than hard copy scriptures. Even better, the IPads are in these:

    Even worse still is that it will be my Christmas gift to myself this year. I'm a little ashamed, but not really.

    Also, FB is dangerous - just putting that out there. Although, I luuuuuuvvv twitter. It is a complicated conversation I am willing to get into- but not on a comment.

    My goal - actually comment on the sunday school lesson next week.

  2. I lost the first part of my post, so I'll sum it up by saying:

    1) My bishop's wife was using her iPad during SS yesterday (but the edition of the scriptures she was using didn't have footnotes, btw!), and I think it might have been encased in a DoDoCase. I love them (my bishop and his wife)...they're so cutting-edge.

    2) I agree with Peter on the reasoning behind the Topical Guide. I know that when I was new to the Church, I no idea about the TG, and I probably only became familiar with it because of the occasional "TG Mercy" at the bottom of the page (JON!). Because there are new people joining the Church all the time, and not all are gospel scholars on the level of you three (jk), there is a need for the TG to be cross-referenced in the footnotes.

    It is also helpful because they let you know which terms have place in the TG and which ones don't. The TG isn't as exhaustive as we might like, so for convenience's sake, they let us know what's there and what's not.

    Also, I agree with Jon on the need for Micah 6:9 to be the subtitle to The IronRodcast website. Prophecy fulfilled indeed.

    Moving on to Jonah:

    I think we get mad that the Lord has mercy on those whom we don't think "deserve" mercy because we are all 'the other prodigal', if you're familiar with the Elder Holland talk. We like to look down our noses at those who come unto Christ late (to us), but it is in no way our place to judge their worthiness overall or their worthiness compared to ours. We are just as much in need of the Atonement as they are.

    And don't worry, Pete, I've heard of the Eyres...even if Jon & Rhett haven't.

    If Facebook and Twitter are gossipy, it is the fault of the people using them. For example, you have to expect that if you change your status from "married" to "it's complicated" or whatever, people are going to talk. You have to be conscious that whatever you write on there is fair game for people to talk about behind your back. Yes, Jon, we need to practice more "pissog" and less "gossip".

    I am a member of both the Peter Nash Needs to Get a Cell Phone group and the I Don't Care How Comfortable They Are, Crocs Make You Look Like a Dumbass group on Facebook. I guess that makes me doubly-evil. I see them as being all in good fun. There are definitely groups on there that are meant to hurt/insult/whatever, but those two are not among them.

    My goal: Not get impatient while I'm at the temple tomorrow night. When the ordinance workers screw up during the live sessions, it drives me nuts because I've been to the temple enough times to know the dialogue well and think they should know it too if they're the ones 'performing' it. I'm going to try and be cool this time around...and hopefully next time...and the next...

    What did Rhett say at the very end? Save the David?


  3. rhett said at the end, "this is the iron rodcast saying amen."