Monday, August 9, 2010

Podcast 18: Tunnel

Perhaps this podcast should have been called "Opening Remarks." We did a lot of housecleaning, so your patience is appreciated. Rhett spoke in church, Rhett had a birthday, Jon tried out a different ward, we responded to emails and we responded to our first batch of audio questions. Pretty packed. Plus there were all the tangents. Oh the tangents! Oh the humanity!

Anyway, anybody know anything about Hezekiah? If you answered anything less than "Mmmm, a bit" then prepare to have your mind grapes blown with Hezekiah knowledge.

We skipped out on our second topic this week, since podcast announcements took longer than our actual first topic.

Download here!


  1. You guys are way kinder than I ever expected - glad you enjoyed my hymn submission!

    I *do* pay tithing on my medical and life insurance - I even pay tithing on state tax withholding, it's only the Federal tax I don't want to condone. Even though Rhett used the phrase regarding gross vs. net blessings "tongue in cheek", it's been used as if it's a definitive argument, and I wanted to address it in that regard.

    Do schools accept direct donations? I would think that would cause a big paperwork problem for them.

    Jon, I really like your reformation of my comment regarding why we obey. I'm going to incorporate it into my own way of phrasing it - you definitely grasped the sentiment I was trying to express.

    Oh, and the flute? It was the easiest instrument to swing in a fight...

  2. Joey is a genius. We knew this all along.

    That hymn brought me so much joy today. The flute comments had me in tears.

    Thank you Joey.

  3. For what it's worth (I know it's worth nothing), I also love the Age of Apocalypse.

  4. Joey's "call ins" were definitely my favorite part of the podcast.

    Me saying Kolob was secular was funny, but I have a confession: I got bored during the hymn game and started spouting out a pattern of secular, secular, LDS, secular.

    The hymn submitted by Joey was hilarious. If that is ever published I will for sure remember it as half LDS (Joey) and half Gilbert and Sullivan.

  5. I teach SS and I don't hold the class until "most" of the people arrive. If you miss the first 10-15 minutes, that's tough. You're wasting good teaching time (if you ask me). There is no roll in SS like there is in Priesthood/RS (and no count as there is in sacrament meeting), so people feel no real 'requirement' to show up on time or even close to on time. What they miss is their own fault...that's my philosophy. Don't feel bad about small class size, Peter.

    The end was awesome, btw. Nice job with the Abbott & Costello, gospel style. And the hymn, of course.

    And the last word about tithing: It's one of my few soapboxes. I consider it, for me, one of the non-temple-related 'sacred' things it's not appropriate to discuss in detail or about which to compare notes. What you do is your thing and yours alone, and I just get really uncomfortable when people talk about it or pass, even jokingly, judgment on whether one method of paying it is better/holier than another. That's all.