Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rodcast 39: Resolute

You say you wanna resolution? Well you know we all wanna change the world...

Do more to be indeed a god and let the other guy be the bad guy.

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  1. I thought Dick Clark looked and sounded really good this year. The past few years haven't been so great, but I was really impressed this year. Good for him. Too bad the lead for the show has been passed to Ryan Seacrest since the stroke. He's so awful.

    I used to sit front and center...probably 4 or so rows back. Now I sit in the back...on the right...in one of the last three rows (usually back row)...so I can judge all the people who come in late. HA!

    9am sacrament AND the pewless chapel? That's enough to make me drive a fork through my hand...a real double-whammy. Bless you all for having to deal with it this year.

    I'm with Peter about "in the name of Thy Son" during a testimony and the tag-team testimony-bearing. Ugh.

    I've never been around to have the stake presidency bless the sacrament (and I don't know that I remember any bishopric I've had doing it either...but anyway...). That would have been awesome...and your comment about who they should have looked over (or up) to was hilarious.

    I don't think endowments are as strictly 'enforced' as other ordinance-related prayers. I've been on lots of sessions at the Salt Lake Temple, which is live-acted and hence more prone to mistakes, where mistakes have been made during the session that haven't been corrected. Word-perfection isn't required.

    "Ority" isn't a word that I know of. That's from Jon-ese.

    Financier of the Rodcast? Let me get right on that. And I like my job just fine, Peter (and I'm pretty satisfied with my exterior, Rhett). Thanks for your concern.

    I came around to bananas last year...mushrooms are another matter. I've always had a consistency problem with those two...not a fan of mushy stuff...so maybe I'll have Jon start liking mushrooms on my behalf.

    P.S. Legendarily, Walt Whitman was also gay...in case you're interested in such detail.