Monday, January 24, 2011

Rodcast 42: ;)

Just the three of us. Oldschool!

Download here!


  1. Did this HC badmouth Catholics? I'm guessing he did. Glad I wasn't there. So glad.

    In point of fact, observant Muslims CANNOT consume alcohol. It doesn't appear there is an explicit Quranic prohibition against it, but there are verses that state that it is more bad than good (2:219) and so it is implied that it should not be accepted by the believers. See Alcohol in Islam for more.

    I guess I'm not peculiar enough...I drink Dr. Pepper...

    CamelBak under the dress. Awesome idea, Jon. And Peter's flask.

    "Yeah, you can stick your leg down there." lolol

  2. I forgot the [End]

  3. I'm pretty sure I purchased a flask for Jon for the exact purpose discussed.

    Thank you for the listener recognition. I have listed to every pod cast.