Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rodcast 43: Engaged

We're Peteless, but not Scottless! We still managed 55 minutes though.

Download here!


  1. I knew those "...and I'm a Mormon" clips were going to trigger some backlash.

    And it's The Orchestra at Temple Square.

    Sad. I won't go watch them. Right after Pres Hinckley died I went to YouTube to watch some news spots he did, and then I watched some of the related videos, some of them were anti Mormon propaganda. Made me cry. No thank you.

  2. Honestly, I never wanted to get married in SL or San Diego. It's been Oquirrh since I went to the open house when my dad and his wife were out to visit a couple summers ago. Love that temple. If I can't make the trip to Manti, that's the place.

    Boise looks like Dallas and Chicago, btw. And a few internationals...Buenos Aires, Manila, Lima, Frankfurt...though less-so in those cases.

    A few weeks ago in my ward, we had monstrous pieces of this rosemary-heavy Italian bread. Did I tell you guys about this? Almost choked on it. Ugh. Give me plain white morsels, thx.

    Devolving, not de-evolving, Jon.

    I didn't know about the "ex-Mormon" videos either. Interesting.

    When I was brand-new in the Church, I was taking a New Testament class at Penn State (academic, not CES). The prof was an ex-Lutheran minister who had no taste of religion of any kind. In his last lecture to us, he cited Ezra Taft Benson's statement from when he was Secretary of Agriculture, which involved the fact that the Cuyahoga River in Ohio had spontaneously burst into flame due to its extreme level of pollution. Apparently, Elder Benson (who, Prof. Petersen noted, became the president of the Church) stated that the burning river was a sign of the second coming, and Prof. Petersen proceeded to advise us that, since the world hadn't ended yet & the statement had been made a good 40-50 years previous, that we shouldn't believe everything we hear from religious leaders. I don't think he'd picked on Mormons to that point in the class, so he used the Church in his parting shot. Oy.