Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rodcast 44: Remission

Fast forward to 2:10 to get to the place where we ACTUALLY start.

Art, Twitter, Pizza, opinions, Jimmer, missions, baptism, fire, remission.

The last minute of the rodcast got suddenly cut off for some reason. It's probably Garageband's fault.

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  1. I really appreciated the discussion on baptism. My 8 year old niece was baptized on Saturday. I have also been thinking about if 8 is old enough to understand all the covenants they're making.

    I think they're old enough to know they're making a promise, and old enough to understand the difference between right and wrong, and old enough to start learning and being obedient. I don't think they're old enough to understand everything that goes with it. But like Jon said, if Elder Oaks doesn't even know...(I laughed out loud at that one).

    My parents gave me some scriptures when I got baptized. I was very diligent at reading them (and not really comprehending much).

    I do kind of wonder though when parents say "I'm so proud of so and so for making this decision." Did the kid really make that decision? I don't know. I think the parents make the decision. The kids do it because their friends are doing it or their parents tell them this is what you do. I don't remember my parents ever asking me if I wanted to be baptized, and I've never heard a story where a parent asked their kid if they wanted to be baptized and they said no and it didn't happen.

    I actually don't remember BEING baptized myself (I was though, I double checked and I was in town that day). I do remember going in the dressing room afterwards to change. I remember my aunt gave me some of those capsules with the dinosaur sponges that expand when you soak them in water. And then my great grandma gave me some tic tacs.

    What time is dinner?

  2. Pres. Badger is my dentist. And he's awesome.

    I'm a notary. I'll stamp your decision.

    Brother Anderson, striking down heresy and misconception AGAIN. Love that man.

    I went to "the other" Temple Prep class a couple times, and yes, they got ridiculously deep.

    If you go through the temple in a setting not associated with your wedding, you do not have to do a session with your fiancee in order to get married. The part of the endowment that involves your future spouse can be done separately shortly (as in minutes) before your sealing in order for the necessary information to be exchanged. Was that vague enough? And it is true that the Church discourages people from doing same-day endowment and marriage anymore. Bit too much of a whirlwind that way.

    You want to see good art of the Savior? Carl Bloch exhibit at BYU. Ah-mazing.

    And I thought it was funny that right when Peter said "Skeletor Jesus" and things started going off the rails, the recording ended. Zap!


  3. I don't remember much about my baptism. The main thing I remember about it was going into the changing room after and there was some guy (presumably also was part of a baptism) stripped down. That was gross. I remember at the time thinking it was inconsiderate of him.