Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rodcast 46: Artsy

Finally! Elusive listener and local spiritual celebrity Matsby makes his first appearance! Listen as we discuss the Sunday school lesson we didn't pay attention in. Also Matt responds to his story in the Trib. Also we ate cake.

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  1. a) I don’t think Matsby sounds like Pete

    b) You guys need to get out of the singles ward. The fact that having a different calling than you already have is DREADFUL, you need to change it up and learn to share your gifts with scouts, primary kids, teenagers, etc. You’ll be amazed at your capacity to tolerate different age groups and even love them.

    When I first joined a singles ward I told the bishop I would absolutely HATE to be on the activities committee because I didn’t go to activities and the thought of going to them wasn’t appealing. A year later I was called to be the FHE cochair and it wasn’t until then that I started to really love the ward.

    I always have said teenagers are a drag, but now I serve in the YW presidency and I ADORE the girls (all 5 of them) and they love me and it’s so much fun.

    c) I went to the Genesis group once…or…they came to my discussion group. They are amazing. I can’t believe the faith of some of them considering the discrimination they faced.

    d) Great to hear Matsby!

  2. I'm with Peter. I have loved teaching SS the past year and a half (almost). It's one of the things keeping me in this ward...I don't want to give this calling up and risk whatever the new ward would have me do.

    I think the "no prophet is accepted in his own country" comment has to do with what Peter mentioned with people knowing Christ (or any other prophet/leader) growing up and having a hard time believing he was the long-awaited Messiah. That is where Christ and Joseph Smith differ. I don't know that Christians of Joseph's time were waiting for a prophet to restore Christ's Church near as much as the Jews of Christ's time were waiting for the Messiah...or at least someone to free them from the Romans. Because there were not great expectations or preconceived notions among Joseph's people as to what he was supposed to do/be in his calling, I wouldn't say it was unusual for him to have the level of acceptance among his people that he did. Christ had a lot more to live up to, and so gaining acceptance was a lot harder for Him, by and large.

    I bring brownies every time I teach SS (except Fast Sunday, of course)...mostly to thank people for coming to class, since nobody goes to Sunday School in a singles ward. People have come to expect it of me, which I have no problem with. Small price to pay to get them to think about the scriptures and their application to modern life.

    In my opinion, Richard Dutcher wanted EDGY. He wanted to blow the lid off the idea that Mormons and their entertainment themes/formats must be staid, conservative, safe, etc. A fine line that he overstepped with enough zeal to keep himself on the other side of that line.

    I have no idea what a therramin (?) is, but it sounds cool (literally).