Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rodcast 45: ?

So we had this weird stake conference where there was this sort of town hall Q&A. The stake president did his best to answer all the questions, but we give the proper answers in this week's Rodcast (it's all in how you define proper answers, I suppose).

Download here!

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  1. It's my ward's turn to do the town hall meeting this coming Sunday. I'm intrigued to find out how it goes.
    I would be concerned about interrupting others' revelatory/inspirational experiences during church meetings...I wouldn't get much into greater interactivity during the meeting. As I've heard said before, the only kind of reception you should be inviting during church is from the Holy Ghost. (Yes, I'm disagreeing)

    Stake presidents DO get a letter from the Twelve about stake conference. I don't know why he brought it up in that context, but they do get a letter for at least one of the two conferences each year. I'm not 100% sure they get it for each conference, but I know they get it for at least one of them.

    I agree with Rhett about asking leaders/accepting advice from them regarding dating. I had a less-than-great interaction with one of the leaders in my ward on this exact topic a few weeks ago. I don't think they were really listening to me...I think they were mostly parroting a line that no one else to whom they said it had pushed back against. Well, I wasn't quite so thrilled with their suggestion as others apparently have been, and so have learned to be careful not to speak to them as if I am looking for advice about this stuff. In short, YSAs 30 years ago are not like YSAs today, and I kind of wish they wouldn't try to equate the situations, or pick a standard line and give it out to everyone.

    Deseret Book/Seagull Book don't bother me because I look upon them as a clearinghouse of good stuff...a central source of Church items. I see them more as a service than anything else. Profitable? Yes, but that is the society in which we live. Blessed capitalism.

    I am of the philosophy that you need to talk with your fiance(e) about your past, not like the Inquisition, but, like Rhett said, voluntarily. To me, I would know I was ready to marry a person if our relationship was secure enough that I could tell him anything and he could do the same to me and we would still want to be together regardless. My goal would be 'no secrets' in the sense of things that would be genuinely divisive between us. I wouldn't want to know EVERYTHING, but if there's something that could cause a major problem in our relationship...that's worth bringing up. Repentance doesn't guarantee it's not going to happen again.