Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rodcast 63: Freedom

((Sometimes I'm terrified to realize how many options other people have.))

Attribution for the picture, of course, goes to xkcd.

This week we spent five seconds talking about John 14 and 15. Or was it 16 and 17? Actually it was a five second discussion, and then a ten second discussion about which chapters it actually was.

In celebration of flag day (last month) we also discussed a little bit about freedom, liberty, independence, redundancy and redundancy.

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  1. You want a 9:00 sacrament meeting? Northpoint 1st is listed as having sacrament at 9 on, in your same building. The Rose Park Center Ward at 868 N. Starcrest Dr. (about 1800 W, near Escalante Elementary) is listed as having 9:00 sacrament. Rose Park 9th & 12th Wards meet at 9 at 760 N 1200 W. There's a few options for ya.

    Peter is WRONG. The Star-Spangled Banner came out of the War of 1812...more specifically, Francis Scott Key's poem "Defence of Fort McHenry", written in 1814. See the Wikipedia article.

    Also, Roman candles are STILL illegal in the State of Utah. Just Google Roman candles illegal in Utah for a bunch of articles to back that up.

    And AGAIN...they ARE having the Sugar House fireworks tonight. RC Willey, Noodles & Co., Jamba Juice & a bunch of other donors stepped up and made it happen. The sponsors have been selling $1 sponsor cards to support next year's show. It is going to keep happening.

    He is turning into a total font of misinformation, Jon. This Rodcast was an embarrassment in that area. Start reading the paper and/or watching the news, Peter. Get clued in. Please.