Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rodcast 64: Woodrow

There really wasn't a Sunday School discussion this week. Pete and Jon are pretty much less active now. And has anyone seen Rhett?

We also had a mild discussion of The Book of Mormon Musical and planets and such. Here's the video of the song "I Believe" from the Tony Awards.

Download here!

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  1. Peter's kvetching about his church experience yesterday was hilarious. I honestly hope he has more bad experiences so I can laugh about them when he talks about them on here. I especially loved "What the hell is this?". Another saveable quote of his, along with "It's all your fault, God."

    By the way, Peter's reason for going back to church next week? The sacrament. Duh.

    And now I feel jipped that Jon isn't active anymore. I went to all that effort to find somewhere for him to go to church...

    I think the Scientologists moved out of the place on 4th South. There was a rental sign on the building, last I checked. They probably consolidated operations at their location in Sugarhouse. In case you're interested, of course.