Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rodcast 65: Pores

A little bit about Gethsemane. A little bit about the next day. I guess that about covers everything doesn't it?

Next week! Pioneers! Overrated?

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  1. I agree with Jon about the symbolism of Christ's statement about not falling asleep and thus entering into temptation. When we were not conscious of the realities out there, it is easier for Satan to successfully come after us. Our spiritual senses need to be constantly alert.

    Have you heard about how olives are pressed? Gethsemane was an olive grove, right? OK. So the final pressing of olives for olive oil is called 'the blood press' or something like that. The appearance of the oil that comes from that pressing is red like blood. Kind of like how wrung out Christ must have been in the garden. Interesting, no?

    The discussion in my SS class was the possibility that Christ commanded Peter to deny Him so as to preserve his life so that he could become what he needed to become in the building of the church. Check out Pres. Kimball's 1971 talk at BYU, "Peter, My Brother" for more on that. It's something I'd never considered before.

    My favorite Pioneer song is "They, The Builders of the Nation". The choir in my ward is singing it this week, actually. Go to it, Peter!

    That movie is even more ridiculous because Joseph was killed in late June 1844. It wasn't even winter that year when it happened.

    P.S. Go see "17 Miracles" for more on the chip-burning...and just an overall excellent Mormon movie experience. It's awesome.

    P.S.2. How was the 14th of July party?

    P.S.3. The outtake was great. Was Jon chugging the first part of the 2-liter of Sprite there at the end?