Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rodcast 66: Seth

So we talked a little resurrection stuff. Also we had a special call in regarding "perfection."

As promised, we talked about pioneers. We hate them.

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  1. The one thing I wanted to mention was that 'perfect' also means 'complete' or 'whole'. Hence, Noah or Seth or anyone else could be 'perfect' without being perfect in our understanding of the term. Perfect knowledge of a gospel concept or concepts, for example, would be grounds for the use of the term. In that light, I think the Savior's statement about "be ye therefore perfect" and the statements about the perfection of various people in the scriptures makes more sense.

    Also, I love "The Great Divorce". Awesome book.

    And I, too, do not love Pioneers all that much. Once a year, though, I think I can handle. It's just not fun being in a family ward now...especially one with so many members who have major Pioneer ancestry...and having to listen to their stories so often because the bishop seems really hung up on family history and wants the members to talk about their ancestors over the pulpit whenever possible.

    I love Jon's idea about building an 'old-fashioned' temple in the SL Valley. It could never happen...liability would be insane...but wow, if it did/could...

    P.S. Did Peter get any calls at work for his birthday after Rhett posted his work number on FB? Just curious.