Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rodcast 95: Don't Laugh!

We're missing Matsby this week and we're a bit short on Sunday school discussion.

BUT, would you like to hear what we think of the Terminator franchise?

Also, we're totally into repeats. This week for second topic we combed over the cons of laughter. Hopefully you won't find this one too funny.

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In relation to last week's Rodcast, here's the link about the guy who has been fasting for like 70 years.

Also, it's about time we threw a link to Matsby's Mormon merch store.


  1. You guys missed Matt in more than one way this week. This Rodcast was all over the map. Oy.

    Meat making a person more pleasant to be around? Hmmm. Interesting concept.

    I'm getting into whole wheat flour baking, personally. I've made a bunch of loaves of whole wheat bread (thank you, federal & state governments, for helping me buy a Kitchen Aid to make breadmaking easier) and also found a great blueberry muffin recipe. Yum. Does a body good, too.

    Pretty pleased to hear (from another source) that Pd is probably getting rid of the beard this week. Cleanshaven = hott. But that's just one girl's perspective.

    When the sorrow poll closes, Pd should sing "Godly Sorrow" when the results are discussed.

    I have noticed that baby blessings are on Fast Sundays too. Why, though, may have more to do with tradition than doctrine. Here's an interesting blog entry about baby blessings:

    This blog entry states, regarding Fast Sunday being the preferred blessing date each month:

    "The Handbook (both current and past) also indicates that baby blessings should take place on Fast Sundays. I have been occasionally asked why this is the case. As I have thought about it, I have determined that it is principally a logistical decision. By that I mean because of the flexible nature of a Sacrament Fast and Testimony Meeting; and because a baby blessing often brings larger gatherings and sometimes take a bit of time, Fast Sunday is a better Sunday to do this rather than another Sunday. I am confident there are other reasons, but I cannot think of what they may be at the moment. Another aspect of this is that the ordinance is normally to take place at Church in the Meetinghouse during a regularly scheduled Sacrament Meeting. There are of course exceptions to this, but they are rare and in my opinion should not be sought out. I think the reason they are to be performed at Church in the presence of the ward (other than that is how the Lord told Joseph Smith and the Church members to do it--D&C 20:70), but it is to serve as a reminder to each member present of the purity and primacy of infants and children in the Plan of Salvation."

    Catholics don't make that big of a deal about Isaiah. At Mass every day, there is a reading from the OT, one from the NT, and one from one of the gospels. There is a cycle of I think three years, and after the whole cycle, the whole Bible will have been read at Mass. Because this is the standard, Isaiah is no more emphasized than any other book. Seems like, though, the Isaiah verses about "the people who walked in darkness have seen a great light" gets read at Midnight Mass every year. Christmas and Easter might be exceptions and have standard readings no matter what.

    The whole thing about the Terminator franchise = bo-ring. So far off any shade of gospel relatedness. Ugh. Totally tuned me out.

    I like Jn's perspective on loud laughter. The words that come after loud laughter's mention in the temple covenant lend themselves well to his philosophy (evil speaking...). Christians do not bully. They do not engage in mean-spirited behavior or treatment of others. They do not get pleasure out of another's pain, lack, loss, etc. This, too, can be taken as 'loud laughter'...the choice to take advantage of others' flaws. The laughter becomes loud when the other person makes a comment or points out the imperfection. It is bad enough when you think it yourself, but if you bring others into your 'observation', the worse it gets.

    This is an appropriate time of year to talk about vacation and church, since a lot of folks are on Spring Break right about now. I'll be interested to hear your comments on the topic.


  2. It's interesting that you mentioned episode 20 this week. That's the first episode I left a comment.

    I enjoyed the Terminator talk. Movie sequels are almost always terrible. Toy Story and Back to the Future are the rare exceptions.

    Overall, this was a great episode. You guys do a great job!

  3. Call me a coward all you want (you're right), but I will not sit here and allow you to speak disparagingly about Mike & Ike! In fact, I'll bring the Mike & Ikes this week, but Pete doesn't get any since he talks bad about them behind their backs.

    I agree that Panda Express is really horrible food, but that doesn't stop me from eating it. A couple months ago when I was doing construction work, I went to Panda Express for lunch and when I got back, the dudes on my crew asked me where I had eaten and I lied and said Subway because I was ashamed and didn't want them to think I was one of those scumbags who eat at Panda Express (I am). But then I was worried the rest of the day that I might throw up because then they would see that not only do I eat gross food, but I am a liar.

    It's totally okay for a visitor to skip the other meetings as long as you finish sacrament meeting.

    Does God pick prophets by killing apostles? ... That is an excellent question. I think maybe he does.

    I agree with SRA about loud laughter being more about mean spirited laughter or laughing at someone else's expense. SRA, do you think watching shows like AFV and Wipeout is sinful since it it all about being entertained by someone else's misfortune? I think maybe it is.

  4. Matsby: In the privacy of your own home, those shows are free game.