Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rodcast 94: The Quickening

Still struggling through 2 Nephi.

Also, fasting -- in all its forms.

Lent update! Spoiler alert! Not all of us made it!

Download here!

Next week: Loud laughter (again).


  1. 24 is one of my all-time fave shows. Well worth watching!

    I really think Pres. Packer is going to pass on before Pres. Monson. Maybe that should be a poll question: "Who will kick off first?" lol

    Spanish 'endure' = perdurar. I can't think of another word for it.

    I'm pulling for your positive emotion perspective, Pd. We can win this!

    Spiritually Minded Is Life Eternal = SMILE. *eye roll*

    "What is a Ute?" A Ute is member of the Indian tribe believed to have originally settled Utah. Two of the more common definitions of Ute are "top of the mountains" and "people of the mountains." (

    I would enjoy making communion a "Minute to Win It" game. That would be so super entertaining. And when one receives communion in their hand, they place it in their mouth instead of the priest placing it on their tongue directly.

    Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven, as is stated in "Praise to the Man"...

    I don't think the Lord wants you to risk your health or well-being in order to complete a fast. The fasting rule, after all, does not apply to people whose health does not allow them to safely do it.

    Fasting definitely can be from anything (not just food) that retards one's spiritual life. Media is a good example...certain TV shows (TV in general), etc. You can also use fasting as a way to wean yourself off of certain things of this type, too. Go without it for a few days, then weeks, then months, etc.

    I liked the "dumbass" comment shortly before the end of the Rodcast. That's a keeper.

    In the context it is mentioned in the temple, I would say loud laughter is a characteristic of those who would disrespect the gospel itself. Loud laughter may equate to mockery of sacred things...loudly (publicly) laughing (disrespecting, mocking, etc.) about things Church members hold dear. It may be a warning against selling out.


  2. Oh dang. I forgot to get the link... Here's the link on the 70 year faster:

    Also this episode just didn't feel right and I think it's because Pete didn't sing.