Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rodcast 79: Timothy

Also included: Titus (the Robin to Timothy's Batman (or perhaps the Moneypenny to Timothy's 007)).

Download here!

You'll have to listen to the whole thing to find out what the second topic is next week!

... okay, whatever. The second topic next week is home teaching or something.


  1. Best quote: Peter's "I'm gonna die!" about 15 minutes in.

    I agree about the purity and innocence of kids' testimonies. You may roll your eyes or whatever while they're speaking, but the simplicity of their faith, you know, pleases the Lord much more than the verbosity of a lot of adults'.

    It is true (and sad) that cynicism somehow equates with intelligence and believability in this world. It is, as Jon noted, deceiving sometimes, though. Believe it or not, world, but the happy ones aren't always the dumb ones.

    Thanks, Peter, for the clarification about the Beatitude Project. I still it a little personal for my tastes, but I understand better what your purpose is now.

    Why do Mormons like Halloween so much...well, it just seems like Church members decorate their homes/party/dress up themselves, their kids, etc. like it is Christmas or something. It's not. Many Church members I know say it is their favorite holiday. That is, to me, misguided...and I was just wondering why such a fuss is made. Shouldn't people care more about Christmas/Easter/4th of July/Pioneer Day? About admirable people/People being celebrated? I don't love the deification the Pioneers get in some quarters around the end of July, but I will take it over how big a deal Halloween is to some. That's my reason for asking...

    I like Peter's back-poking idea. F&T meeting drives me crazy, so I'm all for whatever it takes to keep people speaking on what really constitutes a testimony.

    I'm glad Peter got a few seconds of singing in this time. Keep the streak going...

    My old Institute teacher really loved the Battlestar Galactica episode where the one group said to the other group that the other group is as they once were, and they are as the other group might become. lol

    I also liked Peter's "It's gonna be awesome!" about five minutes from the end.


  2. It would help in Testimony meeting if the Bishop gave a better example of what a Testimony should be at the start of the meeting.

    I also see a lot of Church members get over excited about Halloween. The dress-up, the parties, etc.

    The best part was Jon's favorite second topic idea. (BSG) I think that would be a great second topic one day. And if you've watched the first two seasons you've seen the best part and don't really need to watch the rest.