Monday, November 21, 2011

Rodcast 81: Vanilla

We pretty much talked about everything. We were all over the place. The only subjects we didn't cover well were Sunday school and second topic.

Download here!

Next week we're gonna try to tackle illegal immigration and Mormonism. We could use some help on this, so send us your thoughts as well as any information and other links. Send to


  1. Yes, the Battlestar Galactica quote was from the old, "Mormon" edition.

    Peter, I've kind of gotten away from Church stuff these days (thanks for forcing my confession) and so don't plan to attend Institute again. Sorry. :(

    I TOTALLY agree with the bishopric member giving friendly reminders at the beginning of F&T meeting about what constitutes a testimony, why we bear testimony, etc. I had that happen once when I was visiting my MTC comp in Arizona and I almost stood up and applauded him. And yes, that was one of the best F&T meetings I've ever attended. Not a coincidence, if you ask me.

    btw, Jon, I still have the Charlie Chow's coupon. It's good until December 30, so you've got time, but...yeah.

    Very excited to see the Mark Linn-Baker/Bronson Pinchot pic, by the way. "Babasticki"...

    Another second topic idea: Christmas food and drink. Anything you especially like/dislike? Any family traditions?

    I noticed Rhett was up in Eden for church this past Sunday, so he shouldn't have much trouble making it to SL to do the Rodcast one of these days.

    Best quote: "Meekness and You", by Jon, around the 18-20 minute mark.

    I have feelings on both sides of the issue of undocumented people as relates to the Church, and so am just going to listen to what you have to say next week.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. I too love the pic for this post!

    Point of inquiry; Are you really saving one or two clips from each show for a clip show?

    Also, we don't have to agree on everything, that makes for interesting conversations/comments.

    Neal Maxwell gave a good talk on Meekness, just search for 'Meek and Lowly.'

    I don't know what the Church is supposed to do about illegal immigrant members. We are to love and look out for each other, but we should obey laws and not encourage law breaking. Perhaps it has something to do sin vs transgression. Sin is always bad/evil/wrong. Transgression is only forbidden because of contract or promise. The Church probably wants to help governments adjust the law help the situation. There is a lot of corruption in the governments that need to be fixed as well.

    Anyhow, just something to think about.

  3. Interesting about the vanilla... I hadn't heard anyone ever ask that.