Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rodcast 80: Home Teaching

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Stake conference is expendable!

We also spoke of home teaching.

Wow! Check out the Wikipedia article on Home Teaching here.

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  1. I agree...Jon's Rhett "Alohahahahahaha" was great.

    Thanks for singing "Scatter Sunshine", Peter. I almost loathed that song less hearing you sing it.

    Didn't know Maria is in law school. Good for her.

    I agree with Jon about setting the groundwork for an HT relationship through BRT. However, there needs to be a balance the great majority of the times you go social enough to make/keep the people comfortable, but spiritual enough where they are spiritually fed and would be willing to turn to you for a blessing or something of that sort. If you show yourself too much of one and not enough of the other, the full measure of the blessing the experience could be for you and those you visit won't be realized, and that would be really, really unfortunate.

    I never did an opening hymn when I taught SS. The first few times, yes, because I wanted to be by the book, but after awhile, it just got to be too much of an inconvenience (yeah, I'm bad), so we just prayed and got on with it. And there were some really great lessons in there...I don't know that having a hymn detracted from the class's potential.

    Ugh...Peter's growing a beard? My anti-facial-hair-ness is making a disgusted face at this moment.

    I heard a story recently about an RS activity where the sister saying the prayer prayed that the cupcakes they were having would bring them joy. Jeeeeeeeezzz...

    P.S. The comment about Hep C and praying over the needle to be shared...eeeewwwww...


  2. I always enjoy it when Peter gets a chance to sing. Peter's growing a beard during Movember... Interesting....

    Jon is right about needing to Home Teach regularly, and Pete is wrong about not teaching the First Presidency message. That is what the Lord wants me to teach that month, and I choose to teach what the Lord would have me teach. That is the rule, however there are times for exceptions.

    Rodcast Doctrine sounds like a great book that would be great for Mormon coffee tables.

    PS. I look forward to hearing the humble person topic.

  3. Love Jon's question "Do you foresee a future of the church where we don't bother with stake conference anymore?"

    I think so. I agree that it is a meeting that maybe used to make sense but no longer does.

    I imagine one day stake conference will be like polygamy or blacks and the priesthood is now. We will struggle to explain to our children what stake conference was and why we did it. We'll say things like "I don't know why we used to do it, but I am just glad it is no longer something we practice."